Hoofstuk 9

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- Chapter 4 -

The Key to truly Understanding the Heavenly Truths








1 My Mercy is the highest GRACE which I THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, may grant to an earthly child that is willing to follow ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL MARIA in absolute obedience in this present time on Earth. For what would you be, My children, upon this star "Earth", without My Mercy? - I THE LORD say: most guilty creatures, bound to spiritual death, without any hope of salvation!                

2              Yet I, the ETERNAL HEAVENLY FATHER, will not let any of My children fall a prey to utter ruin. Recognize therein the great Mercy of your GOD and CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, WHO not only sacrificed Himself on the Cross of Golgotha for your guilt and your sins, but sacrifices Himself once more to redeem the burden of your sins which keep crying out to Heaven in HER WHO is not only MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA, but also your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION, which means that SHE is bearing and redeeming your guilt through HER SACRIFICIAL SUFFERING.                

3              Yet the actual meaning of this will only be revealed to an earthly child when it has turned its heart into sheer LOVE, nothing but most burning, merciful JESUS-MARIA-LOVE.                

4              Hence the key is in your hands to open the door to a true understanding of heavenly truths which can be not only a reality to every earthly child ready to love above all ME THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL MARIA and his neighbour as himself, but to bring him also into My Heavens.     

5              Do not take offence at each other, but rather bear one another in LOVE, which ought to and must flourish within a heart that already truly loves ME and within all the hearts ready to love ME!        

6              For this LOVE is the greatest power on Earth and will protect you against the inevitable: the JUDGMENT.               

7              Moreover did I THE LORD not say already during My earthly life that to love GOD above all and one's neighbour as oneself is the highest commandment?  

8              Hence follow it at once, for everybody is your neighbour and you do not know when and how I THE LORD test your love and your patience; for the victor alone will wear the crown!               

9              For it is not by chance that I THE LORD have returned onto this Earth in MY MERCY and MY MOST BURNING LOVE for you. Do not repel it from you so that for each soul may be opened


for LOVE must triumph within every heart!         

10           Hence become


most burning, merciful


just as I THE LORD am that LOVE




The Culminating Point of Grace is the LOVE-Sacrifice of Mercy / The Grace of Mercy through the LORD'S Birth and LOVE-Activity on Earth

11 Love is the greatest power said I THE LORD and Grace is an additional gift of My Love.                

12           Grace contains now a top degree, a culminating point which renders possible the impossible.      

13           This culminating point of GRACE is MERCY and Mercy can be exhausted in itself fulfilling the utmost in highest LOVE which is SACRIFICE. Hence SACRIFICE OUT OF LOVE is the love sacrifice of Mercy for the sake of LOVE.    

14           Now this SACRIFICE OUT OF LOVE becomes only possible when LOVE is most burning merciful LOVE. Love which is not ready for or capable of self-sacrifice has not yet reached the highest degree of Love.              

15           You will now perhaps gradually better understand what a profound truth and necessity lies in MY THE LORD'S HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, exhorting you all the time:

16           Become most burning and merciful LOVE! Note, a time will come for everyone who follows ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL MARIA to submit a sacrifice, if mankind is to be saved.     

17           When I THE LORD took on a human garb through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, it was the first merciful stage of MY GRACE.       

18           The second stage of MY MERCY on Earth was MY LOVE ACTIVITY IN MY HOLY SPIRIT, teaching and proving you, O men, PURE LOVE OF MY HEAVENS, so that you might be delivered from the blindfoldness of plodding on in weakness, mistakes, and your guilt, and be able to ascend towards My Heavens, THE KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE.               

19           Much has been written and handed down about MY EARTHLY LIFE AND DEEDS in JESUS CHRIST, partly by My disciples and apostles who did this in My name but also by religious zealots, and later by fanatics; yet nothing complete and perfect has been recorded and transmitted about MY EARTHLY LIFE. One reason therefor was that quite a number of circumstances were not propitious thereto, another reason was that even some a disciple and apostle of Mine did not in MY HOLY SPIRIT fully grasp MY WORDS AND MY DEEDS, so as to be able to start the tradition in all perfection spreading it to the contemporary and future generations. This left the door open for garbled versions and misinterpretations, so that soon after MY EARTHLY LIFE in JESUS CHRIST, THE MESSIAH, REDEEMER AND CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, there was no perfect heritage left of MY HOLY WORKS OF LOVE.           

20           The imperfect heritage of MY HEAVENLY TEACHING AND EARTHLY LIFE brought about a tremendous fragmentation of MY TEACHING, a trend, which after turning the purest love which I had brought onto Earth from My Heavens into sheer derision, produced the most incongruous aberrations and intestine strife all ending in a ghastly disfigured JESUS-LOVE as compared with the original one. I therefore have always seen through all epochs of your human race to having proclaimed by ever new tools of MY SPIRIT AND LOVE the true spirit of MY LOVE, often choosing therefor highest angels who voluntarily took a human garb in order to accomplish this task according to MY HOLY WILL. Yet only very few aware human souls accepted those new revelations, for owing to their spiritual indolence, the greater part of My earthly children had got used to the clash of religious interpretations. In order that this habit might serve as a foundation for their power, those who had usurped leadership and power in MY JESUS TEACHING through clever interpretations of MY WORDS, cast this religious hotchpotch into fixed forms which have been dished up to you as "holy truths" in rigid dogmata.             

21           But whoever, in spite of these rigid forms of faith, kept within his heart the PURE LOVE of My Teaching and lived it in deepest humility, love and mercy for his neighbour - often rewarded by ME with the GIFT OF THE INNER WORD out of MY HOLY SPIRIT - would attract forthwith the thunders of My Counterpole in the overbearing church institutions of coercive dogmata, would suffer threat, persecution, indictment, judgment, often to end at the stake or on the scaffold.                  

22           You may ask, today's Children of My Love, why MY ALLMIGHTY LOVE did never interfere on such occasions; yet I THE LORD say: wait a little this will also be revealed to you in this NEW BIBLE; for the time being you cannot have it explained in a few words until after your training in the pure mode of thinking according to My Holy Spirit.            

23           In the unwritten but imperceptibly operating Law of Sin and Atonement there is a trend of righteousness which is often reflected in many meaningful poetical expressions, such as "Truth will be borne out", "The pitcher will go to the well until it breaks", "GOD'S mills grind slow but minutely well".           

24           In this trend of righteousness lay the task of the one angel who, according to MY HOLY WILL, was incarnated some time ago and assumed, as My scribe servant, the infatigable work of noting down under the dictation of MY HOLY SPIRIT integrally the complete relation of the fundaments of My Creation and of My life on Earth. I had this angel grow up under that religious authority on Earth which has proclaimed ever since to be the exclusive owner of the sole truth, in order that in the nick of time the cracks of this earthen jug of creed become so flagrant through THE LIGHT OF MY SUN OF TRUTH that the jug will be beyond mending. This will obtain when this MY NEW BIBLE will be acknowledged by many earthly children as the highest treasure of MY LOVE.              

25           It will then become clear why the second stage of MY MERCY alone could not bring about the needed change and betterment of mankind. It will likewise become clear why MY PATIENCE on MY INSCRUTABLE HOLY WAYS had to lay down precisely at this time under the feet of MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA as the "MOTHER OF REDEMPTION of all earthly children" the redeeming and atoning process for all offences against MY TEACHING OF ETERNAL LOVE. Wait and see!   


GOLGOTHA-SACRIFICE AND RESURRECTION, the Climax of My Mercy / Dissolution of the Ur-Sin of all Human Beings / The New Temple by the Sacrifice of Salvation of ETERNAL LOVE

26 The third and highest stage, the CLIMAX OF MY MERCY in the human garb of the MESSIAH AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST had to be the achievement of My Mercy for the whole human race. Not only because the fallen were redeemed and delivered by MY CRUCIFIXION from the old and original guilt of the Fall, but because the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH pushes My earthly children again and again to recognize MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LIFE AND LOVE, so that the yearning after this EVERLASTING KINGDOM OF MY HEAVENS amidst the prevalent errors on Earth will become overwhelming just when the darkness among humans will be ever more growing.

27           Thus, through this third stage of My Mercy, MY LOVE was to fill all the hearts and senses of My earthly children', down to the remotest times on Earth, whereby guaranteeing that MY TEACHING OF ETERNAL LOVE, after My earthly life in JESUS CHRIST, will never fall into oblivion, and that the POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT will flare up time and again as a beacon light in the darkest ages on Earth.              

28           On the Cross of Golgotha, the flow of MY HOLY JESUS-BLOOD - which by My incarnation through the pure innocence of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL MARIA had taken up for salvation all the guilt of the fallen spirits from Heaven, and which had been purified through My earthly life -, was spilt onto the ground of your redemptive star dissolving thereby your Ur-sin. Thus this last and highest state of Mercy was achieved and I THE LORD with the words "It is accomplished!" could leave My earthly salvatory JESUS-BODY in the MIGHT OF MY HOLY SPIRIT WHO has eternal power over life and death and WHO in this final stage of MY MERCY for mankind appeared truly as THE MIGHT OF EVERLASTING LIFE.        

29           At that time, it was therefore possible to arise MY JESUS-BODY, without guilt, completely pure in MY HOLY SPIRIT, straightaway with MY SPIRIT, and take it along, as it were, as a pure receptacle into My Heavens; yet the fact that I THE LORD called My earthly body to ME not before the third day after the crucifixion to rise from the dead in the GLORY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, returning thereby to MY KINGDOM OF EVERLASTING LIFE after My incarnation and the greatest sacrifice of ETERNAL LOVE, fulfilled the promise that I THE LORD would erect a new temple in three days after the old one was broken down!

30           The old temple was taken down by the fact that the Ur-sin of My children was redeemed and the alliance between ME and My people Israel which refused to recognize ME, had ceased to exist.    

31           THE NEW TEMPLE was erected through the REDEEMING SACRIFICE OF ETERNAL LOVE by ME THE LORD OF ETERNAL LOVE, and everyone may enter it through pure love, as well as he who has erected in his own heart the TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!       

32           It was rather immaterial whether or not the actual walls of the old temple in Jerusalem did collapse, for this was anyhow only a matter of time and was going to happen soon after, by MY HOLY WILL, just as the alliance between ME THE LORD, and My disobedient and unwilling people of Israel was to be dissolved with the dispersion of those disbelievers among all nations of this Earth.  

33           THE NEW TEMPLE has been raised by the SACRIFICE OF LOVE and never was another temple such as the old one to be built again on Earth! But in their as yet unrefined love, men have raised not only one but countless temples in the fashion of the old one, whitewashing them inside and outside in MY HOLY NAME "JESUS" and casting MY HOLY TEACHING OF LOVE into new forms of rigid religious constraints, and rashly doing quite the reverse of MY HOLY WILL, and for what I JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, had bled to death on the Cross.

34           It has therefore become inevitable that by MY HOLY WILL MY TRUE TEMPLE on Earth be raised again and the true SPIRIT OF GOLGOTHA and of MY ETERNAL LOVE be newly proclaimed and realized.          

35           I have so far let elapse several epochs of blind human history in order that all men on this Earth might realize what is produced when MY HOLY WILL is not followed down to the minutest detail. Consequently, mankind must drain the cup of its misdeeds to the dregs, since this is the only way to bring it to reason!          

36           MY HOLY SACRIFICE OF GOLGOTHA has not sufficed to lead My earthly children - who are on the whole the same today as then - onto the cleaned true HOLY WAY OF LOVE. And MY ETERNAL LOVE knows of no limit, as I THE LORD have said!

37           So, I THE LORD have condescended IN MY MERCY to let the HOLY REDEMPTIVE SACRIFICE OF GOLGOTHA be followed by a further SACRIFICE BY MY MERCY, which I THE LORD already promised during My earthly life in JESUS CHRIST, when looking ahead and overlooking at large the indolence and lovelessness of humans:

MY RETURN onto this Earth.       

38           This NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY is not only a HOLY TESTIMONIAL of My speaking straight and directly to you, men of this Earth, in MY HOLY WORD, for your salvation, but also of what is already a living reality: THE RETURN OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, according to the ancient promise.                

39           From the first chapters of this NEW BIBLE you have seen the basic multiplication table which anyone anxious to pass the HOLY GATE OF HEAVEN WHICH I THE LORD HAVE set onto this Earth of redemption IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE has to possess as a rudiment; you will find in the following the higher multiplication table of ETERNAL LOVE which ought to be fully mastered for your salvation. So hark now!