Hoofstuk 14

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than heretofore, the consequences of wantonness, lustfulness, rape and the like; for copulating without lifting your eyes to ME, the forever PERFECT, means reaching your hand not to ME but to My Counter pole and her hell, which is - as you can see - already little short of being the full master of your world!           

237         In these alarming times has appeared now this MY NEW BIBLE, as the only effective anchor of salvation for you, My earthly children, as I so often emphasize for a truly holy reason; for you can still throw round the rudder of your free lifeboat, so as to steer clear of Hell, and instead ascend to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE. Go ahead, say I THE LORD once more!    

238         In the sanctified blessed union of two souls who are lifting their eyes to ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, the BLESSED FLUID OF MY HOLY SPIRIT will flow into the human fruit permeating it in a right proportion so as to enfold the VERY UR-QUALITIES OF YOUR GOD, namely LOVE, WISDOM, VOLITION, EARNESTNESS, ORDER, PATIENCE, and MERCY.         

239         Great, great indeed, is your responsibility, Children of My Love, who are already being led by MY HOLY HAND, as well as yours who have been awoken by this NEW BIBLE OF MY GRACE AND MERCY to follow ME truly. Very great indeed is your responsibility, because you are called upon in view of the evil which mankind has drawn upon itself by disregarding MY HOLY ORDER to exert a greater effort in shorter a time than normally is imparted therefor to do what I am exhorting you to do by this My teaching.    

240         Precisely within the life-range of matrimonial love must you lead the way by giving the best example! You must live your union in holiness as it will have to be lived once in MY NEW JERUSALEM on Earth, and even in your present wedlock you have to take upon yourselves great burdens of redemption in order to help sinful mankind to be lifted out of My Counterpole's mire.         

241         Nothing is to keep you from helping to bear what I THE LORD shall lay upon you through the QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS WHO, as MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE has once again taken up on Herself a human garment, in order to redeem and thereby erase for all times together with MY ROCK, the greatest blood-guilt ever incurred after MY DEATH ON THE CROSS and MY RESURRECTION, and WHO, moreover, has to bear your own faults and weaknesses as long as you have not become, as it were, full-fledged redeemers apt to work upon this Earth as self-reliant disciples of MY LOVE.     

242         The unmarried among you who are ready to follow MY HOLY WILL, will be granted a true life companion through MY GRACE AND MY GUIDANCE after a period of probation to test your earnestness and obedience in the fulfilment of MY WILL; and you shall not only be witnesses of MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH at the present time but also co-redeemers in this world of darkness and co-founders of the NEW JERUSALEM on Earth.          

243         Those among you who have been married for quite a time can also become models for this fallen world if you are willing to redress everything by these HOLY COMMANDMENTS.

244         The first have an easier task in following MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS with all earnestness and consistency, since their redemptive burden is lighter than that of the latter inasmuch as they have not yet sinned against MY HOLY ORDER. I THE LORD exhort you gently: be patient, fix your eyes permanently on ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE and work steadfastly at developing your perfection, and I shall bless and guide you most wonderfully!        

245         When through MY GRACE you will have received your true partner for your present life on Earth, then live a life of LOVE in the fulfilment of MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, each completing truly the other, bearing him with his individuality, and letting yourselves be guided in your daily prayer when kneeling before ME THE LORD, in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, in respect of whatever is still to be discarded, overcome, and changed. Let therefore in all, and especially in the holy union prevail the desire to be one with MY HOLY SPIRIT in you, who then can pervade and fill you in a blessed procreation of new life for the NEW JERUSALEM on Earth!           

246         The just limitations imposed on your holy mating will be dictated by your own volition under My regard in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE to the extent being right before MY HOLY FACE for your maturation to become IMAGES OF MYSELF.        

247         And in this respect, I THE LORD give you in the following an invaluable hint out of MY LOVE AND GRACE:                 

248         Through your free will granted by ME, you truly are "the crown of My Creation" and can therefore, and ought to, stand as high as the sky in every respect above the animal kingdom, in which the mating instinct is ruled by an innate strict periodicity fixed by a purposeful order, whereas your drive for sexual achievement and procreation resulting from your pro-creative power is in no way preconditioned or checked but is absolutely free. It is this very freedom to master your thoughts and your will-power - like I THE LORD am absolute perfect freedom, and hence GOD - which enables you, Children of My Love, to rise above every other creature and become IMAGES OF MYSELF.            

249         Therefore harness your sexual drive - arising from MY EVERLASTING FORCES OF PERFECTION within you - by your free volition and fix it on ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, and you will become, whether male or female, a free and perfect master of your volition.                  

250         This is what the HOLY WORD means in its fullest meaning: "... and I will give you the crown of life!" This "crown of life" is perfect bliss in all which lies ready for whoever denies himself and receives the BLESSING OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!      

251         Your marriage accomplished after MY HOLY WILL, is a wonderful GIFT OF GRACE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD enabling you to reach this goal of self-denial. You already have My blessing in advance in proportion to your willingness, if only you start off with the most holy earnestness. Rejoice therefore at My clearing your way to the summit and giving you My guidance!             

252         It is hence quite obvious from above, Children of My Love, that a true, sanctified marriage is indeed not only a love affair by the short-sighted conception of your world, but an affair requiring the greatest earnestness to conceive it properly, i.e. to see it in the light and sense of Creation. Thus, to achieve a true sanctified marriage - the observance of a further commandment is even more stringent here than in all other spheres of human life. This is          


The fifth Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage

253 THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT of Holy EARNESTNESS, without which nothing can be achieved in the whole Creation; this also holds for your earthly activity. For it is alarming to see how many earthly children seriously believe that the satisfaction of the senses is the first objective of marriage! Your so-called progress in all matters of sex not only seems to confirm you in this opinion, but also makes marriage the object of profit-seeking business transactions.          

254         These REVELATIONS OF MY GRACE should rouse in each earthly child a deep and Holy Earnestness to wish not only a married life according to MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, but also its accomplishment with utter seriousness. And wherever this occurs, I THE LORD will be instantly present to guide such a child through MY ETERNAL LOVE.               

255         But you also, My already married children - as I already emphasized - are in no way excluded from MY GUIDANCE; on the contrary, you indeed can receive MY BLESSING in every respect, if such is your will!           

256         So call ME in your earnestness, which must truly be holy, by virtue of the commandments revealed, and show ME this your Holy Earnestness! Thus you may soon realize to your joy that things are changing.          

257         And I THE LORD put this earnestness to the particular attention of those, who have lived asunder to the point that the only issue of their unhappy marriage is sought by them in divorce.    

258         So I THE LORD say unto you that there is hardly anything more repulsive before MY HOLY FACE than such a desire! There is hardly any reason important enough before ME to justify such a purpose, for did I THE LORD not say that the true JESUS-MARIA-LOVE is able to melt even the hardest ice, and to turn even the hardest heart away from its wrong ideas and to make it lift its eyes upon ME.                 

259         Whatever may seem a cogent reason for you, O men, to support such a purpose, can nonetheless be carried to redemption through sacrifice and mercy, if ever your true, Holy Earnestness of volition is to abide before ME, THE CREATOR OF ETERNAL LIFE and the Maker of your marriage!            

260         Whoever is unwilling to bear the cross of his life cannot take the shortest way to My Heavens. Did I not say already through MY ROCK PETRUS that you may cast everything on ME? So what else can I THE LORD do for you?              

261         Since ever and again I bestow on you, men of this Earth, MY GRACE AND MY MERCY in all things, and do not part with you in spite of your incessant faults, wrong-doings and all sorts of abomination, it is also MY HOLY WILL that you shall not part with each other and that divorces on Earth may soon belong to a past of which you would not like to be reminded any more!

262         However, should you not care about this HOLY WILL OF MINE, you will truly dig for yourselves, through your wrong thoughts and doings, a living grave which will swallow you up for hell!     

263         As for all those of you who ought to be a custodian of the right legislation and the attorneys of the law, I THE LORD say unto you: do not aid and abet in the digging of such a fiendish graveyard! Do not lend yourselves to the case of My Counterpole but rather become the custodians and attorneys of your GOD'S AND LORD'S LAW, so that I THE LORD will not have to say some day: I do not know you, since you wanted not to know ME! Have the courage to bring your basic concepts and laws of the land in line with ME, YOUR GOD AND LORD, even by changing them if required, then MY GRACE will be with you. But not so if you abide by My Counterpole!        

264         It is absolutely necessary to fulfil this Fifth Commandment bearing on Holy Earnestness in its full scope and effects until the last breath of your human body, if you want to hold your own before ME YOUR CREATOR, and receive MY BLESSING AND GRACE! For verily, I THE LORD say unto you: the most holy earnestness of MY ETERNAL LOVE is instrumental in sustaining, saving, and bringing you home to the perfect bliss of MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE!       

265         Hence become you too in every respect the

Holiest Earnestness!        

266         In this state of most Holy Earnestness, you children of men, will gradually get to learn and master still more implications of MY HOLY QUALITIES, without which you would since long have definitely fallen a prey to My Counterpole with no hope of rescue through redeeming and merciful LOVE AND PATIENCE.


The sixth Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage

267 THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage purports the application of GOD-oriented PATIENCE, whereby alone any true goal will become attainable, and in particular My Creation's capital goal of HOLY MARRIAGE within MY PERFECTION.               

268         Without patience no perfection! Patience is a law of perfection in itself stemming from ME, THE ETERNAL CREATOR OF PERFECTION!               

269         Look around you and you will have to realize that even in smallest things you cannot but abide by and conform to this law of perfection! If it comes to that, you cannot even subsist without conforming to this law! You can tamper neither with the due ripening of a natural fruit, nor with your environmental and life conditions, which are subordinate to MY HOLY WILL, at the risk of bringing damage unto yourselves, nor can you lead a true marital life without ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR!

270         Since most of My children of men, however, are impervious to this argument, they are pushed to sacrifice the ambition of perfect Love and happy marriage to their first fit of love sickness. But, instead of lifting their eyes up to ME at the first signs of sentimental severance, the resulting perplexity is either left to developing into complete estrangement, or - worst of all - a little finger, as it were, and then the entire hand, is being reached out to My Counterpole; and soon after the entire soul with its body is surrendered to her! And in many cases both husband and wife submit to My Counterpole "SATANA" for their utter ruin.          

271         In most cases, however, one of the partners is soberer and will then have to bear all the woe of this marriage. To him/her MY NEW BIBLE offers a special help for such a suffering, which enables self-sacrificial Love in thenceforth godly patience to realign his or her marriage in the light of MY ORDER to become a union for trial and redemption.        

272         If the suffering party surrenders entirely to ME, fulfills MY COMMANDMENTS in all things with the sternest determination and is ready to accept the sacrifice of supporting Love, i.e. to bear his or her life companion in perfect patience with all his or her defects and weaknesses, then great things may still be attained: either the restoration of a true, sanctified union, or through the sacrifice of an enduring love the granting of MY GRACE to rise after this earthly life, to the first step to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE.     

273         As you can see, a marriage can in any case still partake of MY GRACE, provided that the partner ready for suffering and self-sacrifice professes his or her absolute faith in ME GOD THE LORD, lays everything into My hands and begins to follow MY HOLY VOICE. This is in the present TIME OF GRACE brought about on Earth through MY RETURN in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE all the easier and can in each case bear the fruit of MY DIVINE GRACE.                 

274         Patience has issued from LOVE! Indeed, there is no true LOVE without patience! Patience is essentially the same as LOVE, since it is one of the highest UR-QUALITIES OF GOD. MY LOVE would never be ETERNAL LOVE, were not Patience one of its most merciful characteristics. You will hardly be able to understand if I tell you that even within MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE there is still a central point which is PATIENCE.                 

275         Whether at night you admire the vault of Heaven with its countless stars, or whether you look over mounts and vales, or whether you contemplate the vast expansion of the sea, you will encounter everywhere MY LOVE in PATIENCE. For whatever you see is but live ETERNAL LIFE and nowhere ETERNAL DEATH, even though many a form of life may seem "dead"; yet those rigid forms, like the mountains, are nonetheless ETERNAL LIFE; for they encompass that life which, out of deepest wisdom, has to await redemption until the end of your star of redemption "Earth". You can have an idea of the tremendous live force confined therein by the nuclear energy released from densest matter; yet you, O men, do not ask ME THE CREATOR, whether it is MY HOLY WILL that you release these dormant "nuclear energies" which wait for their right redemption!       

276         I THE LORD say unto you: do not tamper with MY PLAN OF CREATION, and in case you are not sure whether your free volition is not going to clash with Mine in MY WORK, you are well advised to come to ME in deepest humility to ask ME what to do or else you risk to trigger off rashly your judgment by your own making, My children!               

277         Be patient in all things, just as I am patient with you, always waiting to see whether you are willing to recognize MY LOVE!     


279         Were this not the case, nothing could make any progress of eternal value! Be therefore patient in your married life, hold each other in true patience of MY LOVE, never losing your temper, but waiting until your companion gains the right insight out of pure LOVE, so as to change or discard whatever cannot hold before MY HOLY FACE.             

280         And be greatest patience with yourself, whoever bears the other; for you mature thereby to such Children of My Love as I may use as true instruments and pillars of MY EVERLASTING LOVE. Never try to act rashly, so as not to harm any soul, either yours or your neighbour's, for I have already disclosed to you the marvel of the soul and therefore true LOVE alone can achieve with endless patience the wonder of raising one's own soul and a neighbour's from the bondage of fault and weakness onto the steps of the heavenly ladder leading into MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION!             

281         Since the utmost patience is only to be found in ME, THE LORD OF ETERNAL LIFE, and I alone can achieve the greatest works of patience for the sake of redemption, you might gather therefrom that not only MY LOVE had once come in JESUS CHRIST to you, children of men, but also MY PATIENCE, as I knew that I would have to come again to you, men of this sinful Earth, in order to accomplish MY WORK OF REDEMPTION for you.         

282         Verily, say I YOUR GOD AND LORD, in view of all your shortcomings which forever repeat themselves and become worse every day, O children of men, MY PATIENCE for your sake is nearly brought to the end of her tether! And yet MY PATIENCE will never let itself be carried away like yours, O men, ever too lightly; no, My children, MY PATIENCE has always and forever prevailed; it knows moreover how to elicit yet a higher degree out of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE: perfect meekness and mercy!       

283         This leads us from MY SEVEN-FOLD DIVINE ESSENCE to the seventh and last commandment for a true sanctified marriage.              

284         On the Cross of Golgotha I in JESUS CHRIST proved to you, O men, how THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE can and must be lived in complete meekness and mercy, so as to rise from the limitations of earthly life to the true KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LIFE.        

285         This should have led you, O men, to hold MY HOLY NAME "JESUS" for the true expression of your GOD AND CREATOR and HIS ETERNAL LIFE, and therefore I can only be in "JESUS" your HEAVENLY FATHER, WHO not only redeemed you through HIS MEEKNESS AND MERCY from the guilt of your fall from My Heavens, but WHO at the same time, through HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS, granted you the liberty to be, as CHILDREN OF HIS ETERNAL LOVE, free from the sway of the Counterpole on this star of redemption called "Earth", if such is your will.              

286         If you, O men, are willing to put into practice within your marriage this seventh commandment of meekness and mercy by lifting your eyes up to ME on the CROSS OF GOLGOTHA, all will be impossible to you; you will be able to overcome everything that is not true LOVE; you will be able to do it and rise from whatever bondage and obtain the "Crown of Life", which is EVERLASTING LIFE!         

287         In order that you, O men, might all the easier obtain this "Crown of Life", I THE LORD in MY MERCY, have once again come back onto this Earth in MY HERZENS-UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE as your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION, so that you may grasp at MY STRONG AND HOLY ARM in Her.            


The seventh Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage

288 THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage reads therefore:

Be MERCIFUL in your marriage!

I say: be merciful like ME, down to the last fibre of your soul! For you can yourself recognize your maturity indeed only when your love can develop into mercy thereby becoming in turn most ardent, true LOVE, able to forgive and condone just as I did on the Cross of Golgotha!              

289         Love is still cold and closer to self-love than to true LOVE, whenever it is not merciful and ready for self-sacrifice!

290         Only through mercy does LOVE become true most burning and ardent LOVE - for the sake of LOVE - and can bear just anything! This genuine and most merciful LOVE can not only take upon itself whatever redemptive burden, but also sacrifice itself for the faults and shortcomings of the other partner, yet for all other children of men. This highest string of LOVE through mercy is redemptive LOVE.             

291         I THE LORD have proven this Love to you, O men of this Earth, as well as to all angels and heavenly spirits in MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, just as MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA is proving it to you now to the same degree of sacrifice.

292         Only through such a redemptive mercy can the worst of the unavoidable Judgment be averted from you, humans of this Earth; for the horrors of the present time are so great, that they cannot be averted and dissolved by human beings, but only by ME THE LORD, with the highest Angels of My Heavens. This is why I THE LORD have come back again in MY HOLIEST OF HOLIES, in order to redeem with the utmost mercy the heaviest guilt through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE.

293         In addition, there are the HOSTS OF MY HEAVENS who have come onto this Earth to co-redeem whatever is possible. The majority of them must first be briefed in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH on the harsh realities of this sinful world, and more often than not they must be delivered through the redemptive work of MY MOTHER OF YORE from the guilt of their own mistakes committed in their human garment, so that the HEAVENLY CORE OF MY LIGHT CIRCLE on Earth can stand firm when the Judgment will make this Earth quiver as never before.                

294         Children of My Love, do become co-redeemers by practicing the most ardent mercy! This must amount to an infinite summit of true LOVE in you just as in ME, YOUR CREATOR!            

295         If this comes true, then you will rise above yourselves, as it were, in your marriage; with mercy you may easily deliver whatever is looming large in your life as an impossibility. You now know that you have in your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION and QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS the brightest lime-light of mercy, SHE WHO in HER present human garment bears out of Mercy the bloodguilt of all times; such a guilt can only be redeemed by the HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE; for the bloodguilt of mankind already began in My Heavens with the fall of true Love into self-love and for the same self-initiated spiritual reason continued on Earth as the crime of Golgotha; yet it did not end there but wrought also havoc among all the apostles and all true Children of My Love; indeed, this bloodguilt of My Counterpole with her also earthly rooted trinity of self-deified egotism, would never end, were I THE LORD in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE not to draw the line of redemption here below to do away with the bloodguilt of all times! This is what is meant by the prophecy saying that the Serpent's head shall be crushed - which is to be understood both spiritually and on Earth.     

296         Yet this greatest act of mercy of universal portent, which goes on in seclusion, away from your human eyes - which out of curiosity would only risk to upset the eventual result - will be disclosed only in further volumes of this NEW BIBLE, when it is achieved and your hearts will be able to grasp it!