Hoofstuk 27

Spring: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35.



1) Refrain from evil, and let words of LOVE consecrate your being. Keep your mouth and meditation of your heart pure. Let every breath bring forth a thought of LOVE. Let gratitude flow like a river through you, like David of old who could not express the end of his Maker's praise. Let your prayer be a song in your heart, so that the value of Words reminds you of MY WORD that created you as a perfect image of ME. Be great and strong in the days, dates and times that you could surrender to MY care.

2) I am always and forever LOVE. Your heart will become like ME and in that moment you and I can unite.

3) The merger of LOVE is definitely the moment whole humanity and universe is waiting upon. So many times in the past it has been expressed as a goal and yet none can completely surrender, because some or other issue of the flesh always restrains the merger. Descend lower into your being to become more modest, so that you can see ME and your neighbours towering above you. Admit that you're a weakling who somehow has to work even harder towards humility. Pray that the fate of a mortal, namely slavery will leave your soul untouched and by worries you will find MY Will and Power to overcome evil.

4) Wear MY LOVE on your forehead, hands and feet as seals to make OUR UNITY a reality. Consider everything from the viewpoint of LOVE towards your neighbour and descendants. By doing this you will receive more and more of MY illumination to ascend again in the POWER I have entrusted to you.

5) Stronger, more powerful and a unit everyone will reach with one another who strives for the same goal, namely: REBIRTH of soul and spirit. Be strengthened: it is coming now.

Rebirth is an unfulfilled promise so many have their hopes on. Once LOVE is mastered, it will follow. It is thus possible for every human creation, because it is the secret of the heart chamber in a human. However, no one is faithful enough to call ME to life in their hearts. Become strengthened herein and follow ME in MY UR-SOURCE OF LOVE, MARY, who already abides among you, but forever loved and functioning. Heavy burdens help you desire and achieve faster, thus you should never desist letting your gratitude shine like a LIGHT.

6) Turn away of your pathways that lead to physical progress, because I will take care of that. Turn away from your ways of death, because it sickens your soul. Turn away from your ways of frolicking and pleasure, because it soothes you and makes you lukewarm for ME. Turn away from money as a goal and work towards your neighbour’s easier existence, and you will be fed and clothed with the best on earth and in heaven.

7) Dreariness is an anchor that keeps you from spanning your sails towards the flourishing of life. I want to be part of your life and it is far removed from a desolate faith many want to live. Supporting one another through praise and prayer is the greatest charity that you can oblige a soul.

8) What song of praise pleases ME? Singing from the heart with your eye on your neighbour`s needs you can help alleviate.

9) The dead then awaken to life and are clothed as crown for MY CREATION, letting faith germinate in them. Faith is in everyone, but is patient until the soul wants to spend time and surrender to service.

10) The serving of the neighbour is the first lesson a soul learns of LIFE. Behold nature to which I all gave one or other instinct of service as law.

11) The nature's upward development towards LIGHT and POWER and humility is the essence of human existence. Resulting from this the WILLPOWER must sprout to attain the highest goal and to accept the soft female part of the Deity and to live it out as WISDOM.

Bear WISDOM by focussing your WILL uninterrupted towards perfect LOVE.

12) Chances for that are getting slimmer, therefore this BIBLE as proof of grace to the earth. Live, MY servant flock, live and through you I will prepare LIFE.

13) Powerful will you arise as a unit in LOVE and so withstand the tough times ahead. Believe in ME.

14) Repeatedly I word this message to you, so that everyone can hear, in a way that is good for his soul, because no one will be able to say that he did not know.

15) Surely I have the earth and her times in MY HAND. Nothing or no one decides on incarnation or death if I do not allow it. Each day the sun completes its circuit; is a new expression of LOVE and every birth or death, just as much. How can an unborn baby's brief moments of life be regarded as an expression of MY LOVE? The same a plant with a short lifespan cannot be compared with the lifespan of a tree of many years. Each has its purpose and lives it within MY order. Time does not exist in eternity; therefore a task is accomplished, short or long, and considered to be an equal great success.

16) MY LOVE does not know the borders and boundaries that you learned to connect to it. It takes you further and further away from MY true LOVE, rather than bringing you closer. Take a moment and look at yourself and judge your eternal value. Do you have a longing for something that depreciates your value? Do you have a skill that is not tied to time and space? The true real skills that can make you MY FRIEND for eternal times are faith and charity. Realize it and make it your departure point to practice it in everything.

17) Faith involves forgiveness of sin, otherwise faith is worthless. Faith involves surrender to serving, otherwise faith is without POWER. Faith asks for earthly ties to bolster you to look wider, like to spread your wings. Without an earthly tie you have no reference to where you were really helpful and that obscures LOVE. Appreciate your ties and let LOVE in you develop there from and thereby.

18) Wearers of MY CLOTHES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS can easily disregard the sense of MERCY, but RIGHTEOUSNESS has no eternal value if not conjugated with MERCY. A true righteous person will deal with MY WISDOM as if LOVE strictly disciplines letting RIGHTEOUSNESS prevail. Be empowered by MY JESUS-MARY-SPIRIT to resolve any dispute in LOVE, by dealing MERCYFULL, because it is WISE.

19) Powerful every fibre in your body will grasp and express LOVE if your choice remains ME in every situation. Choose ME by taking all MY facets of the JESUS-MARY-SPIRIT as anchor from where you come from and every uncertainty in every situation will be cleared for you. By doing this you transform your will to MINE and drop by drop I can release MY POWER into you.

20) Willpower is an aspect of humanity that is underestimated and therefore I would like to elaborate. The brilliance of man as image of God is based on the petition of ‘LET THY WILL BE DONE’. Just like man himself can only find and develop with the expression of the free will, God can only retain His PERFECTION by free access to the WILL in the eternal. This means that everything must become submissive to MY WILL before I can be a CREATION SOURCE. If an obstruction of MY WILL exists I cannot let GOODNESS originate, because I alone am GOOD; no will outside ME is good. If man can utter ‘LET THY HOLY WILL BE DONE’ from the depths of the heart, only the act of creation arising thereof will be good and from ME. No lukewarm creation origin can contain perfection. Live by surrendering to MY MOST HOLY WILL.

21) As the surrender to ME takes on form from creative moments to complete, repetitive work and even charity, the triviality or insignificance of every burden will become clear. If burdens or stumbling blocks are not present, the outcome will be less impressive or less HOLY. Consult ME with humility and every deed will be a DEED OF LOVE derived from ABOVE EARTHLY PERFECTION.

22) Where would humankind travel to if there was no watershed serving as limitation? The limitations that I have placed on areas are the true boundaries that must limit people. Your country and region is your pride and dwelling place. No other country will benefit your soul as much as where you belong. Each country's people are native to that soul parts from where you originated and thus would your greatest work are between or among them.

23) Emigration, as of birds is seasonal and has a survival purpose. However, man can also argue that survival is easier in other countries. The opposite is true. Your soul will find the easiest resting place where you were born and therefore one must develop humility and subservience for the land of your fathers. Within the boundaries of the sea will be the country of your origin.

24) Emigration has the benefit that new things are learned and mastered to take ‘home’. It however remains unique to the original country, and therefore cannot be used to benefit every creature in the new country. Think of language and cultural practices, beauty and music. Only that, which is unique to your livelihood, is an asset to your soul.

25) Believe that you are able to do greater works out of faith in your own country. Believe that there I will be your ROCK. Believe that I will come to you at the ends of the earth, wherever you are.

26) Words and promises make man gullible. So I ask that you will observe MY WORD, that the WISDOM of LOVE will live in your heart to renew youth POWER.

27) If you lead a life of LOVE, WISDOM will make Her home with you and bear POWER. Be confident and ready.

28) Affected by MY JESUS-MARY-SPIRIT of LOVE, every breath will be a miracle, as it should be. Creation is a supernatural wonder making it the centre star of MY LOVE and blessing. No man is able to add the composition and cooperation of so many creations together. Yet WISDOM will teach you to observe it within MY ORDER. I carry the burden of creation that is being wiped out, destroyed and despised, because I have to rectify every order.

29) Dedicate creation just as much to ME as you intercede in prayer for your neighbour, since the creation needs compassion due to the dark will and actions affecting soul parts. No burning of tissue is in MY order; no pollination without male presence is in MY order. No new life, as a result of human desire without prayer and dependence, will bring forth spiritual blessing.

30) The destruction of the world's bowels, weakened by excavation and pumping of minerals, weakens the earth crust and obstructs future creations that I had planned for it. Only the natural course and use of earthly supplies blesses the earth and soul parts that currently occupy it.

31) Be a part of MY recovery team as I overturn everything and compel new creations and systems. Pray that WISDOM will lead your knowledge to be a better manager of MY wonders. Let the minerals of the world remain buried deep within the earth - it feeds her in a way that you still do not understand - and labour with each substance and mineral that can be mined with righteous effort on MY earth crust. It is blessed as maintenance of God-given dwellings for eternity.

32) Species belong together and therefore the necessary materials for specific technologies or creations will all be in the same areas. In all cases WISDOM is not far, it is within you, where I live.

33) Ask Me for guidance and through MY SPIRIT of LOVE, MARY, you will receive clarity on how to benefit your neighbour and fulfil their needs and relieve their needs in every situation, from the creation of new machines to the preparation of nutritious meals, everything from MY stores.

34) Thankfully, every man left will have the will to heal and to serve. Therefore the earth will quickly cover her wounds and heal. I will always use MY CREATION to the advantage of the upward growth of soul parts. Value systems may seem correct now, but in the LIGHT of eternal growth almost everything that is currently used as norms are useless. Love ME enough to ask what I want to capture as standards and I will express it to you.

35) Just like in spring when everything came out of the cold and is waiting full of energy on full foliage and flower in summer, the earth is now mourning her condition. Every soul knows that things will change soon. If I had not intervened, every soul on earth would have belonged to the dark domination and slavery with the fate of spiritual death. Intervention will not be long delayed. Therefore pray even more than feeding your body regularly. Bring praise and honour to ME and you will help prepare MY WAY in humility.

36) MY LOVE for you is more than a song and a moment of compassion. It is an overwhelming, unceasing act of Salvation, where MY ROLE as JESUS, was the largest visual experience. Every other deed by which I prepare your way brings you closer to ME, step by step, but because you cannot observe the other deeds, your faith is only tested on the evidence that is recorded in MY HOLY WORD. Only the acceptance of this DEED OF RECONCILIATION will unite you with ME in LOVE. All further realizations you might experience of ME, will unite you on further levels like WISDOM. And eventually if you could progress to MERCY I will call MY SPIRIT in you to life. Only then you become suitable containers, worthy of MY POWER.

37) No one knows the time or hour when MY screening will commence, but in the time and space of the earth it will introduce a new level of existence where I can hand over MY RULE to worthy leaders. Those who expect ME will receive their assignments early and know to wait with it until every other will bring honour to ME.

38) Value Systems that will be based on MY TRUTH will promote so much new life that people will not believe the miracle of FREEDOM in MY service. But whoever will experience the joy and practice of faith will let their gratitude grow making unification on the level of MERCY possible. Believe ME.

39) Watch against unbelief and establish your hope in ME. In these WORDS of LOVE I made the promises to those people that made MY BOOK of LOVE their own and worshiped ME as the starting point of their existence. Each realization, whether about MY existence, works, care or sanctification, makes man a better exemplar in faith of MY VALUES. Only in total identification of what I revealed, will the rebirth of soul and SPIRIT follow.

40) Hereby this chapter is concluded and the BOOK will soon be completed as a second manual for those who want to know ME.

JESUS speaks through the SPIRIT of MARY, UR-SOURCE of LOVE.