Hoofstuk 30

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Chapter 6


1) The treasures of MY HEAVENS are truly meant for every pure and true convert. It will always be open and accessible, because friends, children and family will experience no shortage in the HOME of supplies. Those who choose not to stay in the HOUSE will always and often feel the pressure of needing something. In the preceding chapters I construed how the secret regarding repentance and mastering of qualities is done and now it will take place with supporting evidence. In the ancient BIBLE it is written that the one who has forgiven his brother will be reckoned without sin, thus the brother and the one who granted forgiveness will be restored in LOVE before ME and I will bless their stay in the HOUSE. Thus forget your brother's sins and be free.

Freedom in the HOUSE involves unity with LOVE and all Her qualities. Therefore anyone and everyone could be fed in the house, because qualities complement deficiencies. You will find your fulfilment with your neighbour and everyone will experience ME with eyes that understand.

2) Your neighbour is your aid to learn worthiness. The HOME of eternity is where you will realize your origin. Now everything is still vague, but only after you have laid down your earthly burdens, you will understand the value of eternal REST and LOVE. Love your fellow believers who fully live for holiness and be merciful towards those who walk in darkness. Penalties and rules as in the first Bible are valid where practicable, but by separating them from the community no community will be left. I Myself will decide their fate and no one may kill another as punishment. Only I know the way of a soul and what will benefit it.

3) The dead call for new chances and it will be given on time, but the living still has a chance to partake in the HOUSE of HEAVEN.

4) Take your chance and use it to make MY HOUSE a reality, because there is little time left and I am Merciful to everyone who will make these words a reality.

5) Spiritual issues arising from crime is difficult to handle, but I tell you that if a soul learns how to love himself with Love of MY Heavens, all crime will vanish. Thus teach your children to have self-worth, self-appreciation and humility and you have won the battle to educate children for MY HOUSE. Humility is the most difficult of the three to teach, but if you can show how the weakest person is the happiest in every situation, for example by not being overstrained or injured or pining as a result of exhaustion, but always has a smile, rivalry and thereby crime, someday will also disappear.

6) Humility and obedience go hand in hand and therefore the teaching of humility will also lead to self-respect and obedience. If a child learns to consider him and the effects, and so experience his neighbour as part of himself, he or she will receive the Power to live LOVE. I AM LOVE.

7) LOVE as beginning of the way as human is the greatest privilege and chance of progression to become a resident of MY HOUSE.

8) As a human you have a chance to become a resident of MY HOUSE, thereafter you will only be servant. I nominate whoever unites with ME as heir of MY POWER.

9) Nowhere in the entire universe will any other breath of love lead to CHILDHOOD. Only in this star of LOVE, will I give judgment according to deeds.

10) Living according to MY WORD and LOVE will transform you into a worthy bearer of MY fullness. Daily new POWER can be drawn from ME as GOD and you living in MY HOUSE will be the heirs thereof.

11) Surely, everybody who lays down his ways and lives in LOVE will realize the value of an US for eternity and everyone will portray it in his own way.

12) Your part of the ETERNAL HOME looks different than the heir next to you or across from you, therefore no-one should judge the other, but rather support them to find ME at higher and deeper levels.

13) Refrain from tasting the Love-wine that I pour for your neighbour and hold your own empty glass for ME so that I can fill it with what will be good for you.

14) No person will be spiteful or look down on another, as long as every one of you welcomed the UR-SOURCE of LOVE, MARY, into your hearts and lives. Only I can then direct your works.

15) Everyone reading this book do not come from the same background and levels of faith, yet are one in LOVE, therefore I unite you through this BOOK of all times as a new People and Herd of MINE. Let everyone look humbly at his heart whether he really has begun to apply all this information before he or she criticizes, because only I, JESUS-MARY-SPIRIT of LOVE is the SOURCE from which this living water streams and it will heal whatever sadness, pain or loss they are recovering from.

16) Carry it for ME to all that are hungry - your JESUS-MARY-SPIRIT has ordered.

17) JESUS and MARY are one and for that the NEW BIBLE has been revealed to you; so you can become aware of the growing LOVE in MY FATHERHEART for MY Creation. I want to reunite every part that I created with ME and LOVE is the only way to do so.

18) I look forward to the transformation of everyone's will to make LOVE their state of existence and then We will be together forever.

19) MY HOUSE is a reality from this point onwards on earth. In MY new order no-one will be able to lead a life of his own without a burden of desolation. Joy and LOVE will give each one living in faith a lead in all development, as this brings forth POWER that bears life.

20) Know that everyone will receive MY WORDS delightfully if their hearts are washed clean and full of faith.

21) I call everyone out of their swamp of disbelief and confusion to MY HOUSE of order and tranquillity in LOVE. Believe that the state of LOVE is possible for you and build your faith on the ROCK. This will forever be your key to MY HOUSE.

22) The HOME in which I welcome you is the common factor between all that I preserved for MY NEW HEAVEN and NEW EARTH. All who remain will find each other, recognize and accept them as workers of faith.

23) Why am I preparing you for adoption of fellow believers? Because not everyone will already be able to evaluate the soul and ‘see’ it, therefore some will seem out of place, but I determine the fate and the chance of each soul according to the LOVE that comes alive in it.

24) Complete is this chapter and thereby leads to the next level of faith, namely: Inheriting HOLINESS.