Hoofstuk 15

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297         My early announcement of this event to you, aims at stimulating you, Children of My Love, to work as co-redeemers in your sphere of activity by following the highest example set by your HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS in HIS HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, in order to accomplish on your scale what your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION is achieving at large.             

298         Utmost mercy alone can save mankind and redeem whatever has been caught in the snares of My Counterpole in the high tide of haughtiness and vanity. There is no point in trying to shake off the self-forged chains, be it with the costliest material means; for such means, which are wrought from self-love for self-assertion over fellow-men, can but fasten those chains ever more tightly.    

299         The only way-out is proffered by the HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LOVE, WHO, rising to absolute mercy, can perform anything and is able to dissolve the hardest ice as well as the most tempered steel, or - what is still harder than either -, even a petrified heart of a dark soul.       

300         If you would achieve a union with MY HOLY SPIRIT in the stillness of your heart and through a life after MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, you would be able to slowly release to your profit the energies of said mercy, not only being much stronger than nuclear energy, but even putting you in a position to deliver the spirits emprisoned in this particularly dense matter to set them on the way up to MY KINGDOM OF THE SPIRIT, whereas nuclear energy which is held in the bondage in the atomic structure of matter, is about to harm you. In that way you as true Children of My Love would indeed become truly helpful co-redeemers.         

301         Owing to your deep involvement in matter, for which you O men, use to fight each other, to permanently compete for riches out of matter, and to wage wars with murderous weapons made out of this matter with a view to commanding those riches, you join in with the spirits emprisoned in matter so that you are in for a terrible awakening!              

302         Therefore, I THE LORD, WHO AM THE LORD OF CREATION through ETERNAL LOVE AND MERCY, pray you with all the earnestness of MY HOLY VOICE:

Take this NEW BIBLE henceforth for your daily bread and become thereby highest and purest LOVE: THE MERCY!              

303         Thus you will free, if such is your will, with MY HELP, everyone including yourself from the self-forged chains of matter!                 

304         Begin by practicing perfect mercy within your marriage, radiate it on your entire family life and carry it everywhere among your neighbours! You will breathe again, say I THE LORD, while noting your daily increasing freedom; you will marvel at the way, all the constraints of your destiny will progressively untighten and begin to dissolve, and it will not last long before you realize how everything, even in the outer sphere of your earthly life, is beginning to change.               

305         Yet you must go about this work of fervid and loving mercy with deepest earnestness and without expecting extraordinary things; for the marvellous thing is simply that you follow MY HOLY VOICE, and that the STREAMS OF MY GRACE can help you to get rid of your chains.      

306         Thus, when I THE LORD have to resort to such extraordinary miracles through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE as I once achieved in JESUS CHRIST, it would be too late for a great many of you! For if I THE LORD can convince you, O men, only on the strength of miracles that

I have returned once more upon this Earth,

and that


then you are in your spirit to a great extent already under the Judgment and hampered in your free will. Then you can no longer take the direct route through the narrow GATE OF HEAVEN INTO MY KINGDOM, but are cast upon the rather painful long winding by-road where in bitter hardship step by step, you will be able to slowly shed your blindness which prevented you from recognizing ME in this MY NEW BIBLE and following ME in the nick of time.        

307         Verily, easy is now the road of redemption for you with this NEW BIBLE and so clearly mapped out before your eyes that you ought to jump at it! Or do you want to stick to your self-forged chains out of sheer tepidity and blindness? What else can I THE LORD do for you, but to call to you again as a conclusion to this HOLY SEVENTH COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage:

Become most ardent merciful Love

in order that

MY GRACE come upon you

and you be again




The first Volume of THE NEW BIBLE is to prepare a New Mankind

308 If you have read carefully this Bible Chapter on true sanctified marriage, and have deeply pondered over the seven commandments in your heart, you must have understood that these HOLY SEVEN COMMANDMENTS match MY HOLY SEVEN UK-QUALITIES. How could it possibly be otherwise? For you, O men, have been made to MY HOLY LIKENESS as IMAGES OF MYSELF, and therefore true marriage must keep in every respect in harmony with ME THE CREATOR, if you want to bestow on your children the holy predicate of IMAGES OF GOD!               

309         Never as yet has anybody on Earth disclosed to you in all clarity the holy sense of true marriage as has been done here by ME, GOD THE LORD, in this MY NEW BIBLE! Verily, say I, YOUR GOD AND LORD, with this NEW BIBLE you have now in your hands the HOLIEST OF ALL SCRIPTURES!                  

310         Do not tarry a second to set your foot rightaway on the HOLY ROAD TO ME clearly marked out before your eyes; for this road is yours and all earthly children's salvation! I emphasize: all earthly children! Whether they live in East or West, in North or South, there can be henceforth for all times of human history no other BOOK OF LOVE than this first holy volume of MY NEW BIBLE!            

311         If you, O men of all countries on Earth want to become true children of men and quit at once all your troubles, there is but one holy resolution, namely to surrender to ME your heart entirely and to bury forever whatever can serve the struggle for power amongst you. For by MY HOLY WILL OF PERFECTION there shall and must be on Earth but


312         Grasp this HOLY WORD OF PROPHECY correctly in your heart, as I already said once, for My Flock will be a free Flock of Love, wherein nobody will have any privilege, nor any restriction, wherein all will be fed both in the flesh and in the spirit on the forever fat meadows of MY ETERNAL LOVE, yet wherein also everyone will listen to the true Shepherd and HIS HOLY VOICE which I AM, GOD THE LORD! There will be neither fighting, nor war, neither parties, nor oppositions within My Holy Flock; for LOVE unites everything, LOVE achieves everything, LOVE is everything, because YOUR GOD is ETERNAL LOVE:                  

313         In order that you may achieve this end with ME through perfect Love in the shortest and quickest way, and that this truly blissful flock of Mine, THE LORD, may become a holy truth and reality, rub out, as it were, your sins, with all holy earnestness, so as to join freely this HOLY FLOCK IN MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. This is why I THE LORD close this Bible chapter through HER WHO had opened it: THE QUEEN OF HEAVENS.     





My Holy Call through THE QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS: Beware of the Law of Sin and Atonement

314 So I THE LORD am asking you: Are you willing to follow ME THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, WHO has come back in the human garb of MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA, THE QUEEN OF HEAVENS so as to save you from the blindness of your souls?        

315         Follow therefore these truly HOLY COMMANDMENTS and do not tread them under your feet, in order that on the strength of MY HOLY LOVE they raise you from the night of your hearts!                

316         Yet I THE LORD warn every soul who deems not in a position to recognize ME THE LORD, in this MY NEW BIBLE!

I warn such a soul,

not to throw the stones of hell against


317         For this would trigger off a law of which, O men, you have not had till now the slightest idea:



MY HOLY SPIRIT                 

318         And so beware, say I THE LORD, of triggering off this law to your detriment; for the consequences for you would be hard indeed, so hard that you cannot imagine them!       

319         This is no idle warning and exhortation but the HOLIEST LOVE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, WHO wants to keep you from being crushed therunder!                  

320         So do not lift a stone against ME THE LORD in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, nor against HIM, WHO is MY ROCK FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY; for this would entail "The Judgment" for you! I THE LORD am not only THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE, but also a ruthless Judge for such souls as are unwilling to listen to MY WARNING VOICE!  

321         Yet I THE LORD, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, do not punish them; indeed, they punish themselves by not paying heed to MY HOLY WARNING AND EXHORTATION!                 

322         Similarly, many a soul, who believes it can thwart MY HOLY WORK of rescue of My earthly children out of night and distress is bound to feel the iron hand of its GOD AND LORD; and I THE LORD am saying


323         So beware, say I once again, beware of attacking those of My children, who but fulfill in absolute obedience MY ALONE HOLY WILL! For I THE LORD am not willing to let Myself be nailed onto the Cross for a second time by the blindness of My children!                  


OF YOUR GOD AND LORD!            

325         I AM SAYING: LISTEN TO IT!



















- Chapter 6 -

The Remission of Sins / The Love-Law of Sin and Atonement

1 There is indeed a great rejoicing in My Heavens whenever a CHILD OF MY LOVE forgives in true Love every soul for whatever the latter has inflicted upon him in the blindness of its heart. For you do not know, My children, - yes precisely you who is reading this - what sufferings you have caused to another soul in lives prior to this! You cannot possibly know it in this sinful human garb!              

2              Pass no judgment

and you will not be judged!          

3              Note that the highest Love-Commandment of My Heavens is only fulfilled when a child of man forgives another by truly professing

to love GOD above all

and his neighbour as himself!      

4              By fulfilling this HOLY COMMANDMENT you are granted graces to an extent which remains invisible to your eyes of flesh.      

5              Engrave it deep in your heart that only forgiving Love redeems you and all those who are bound with you by the adamantine


6              None can say: I am not guilty of these or those states, so let the other come to ask me for my pardon. If such is your thought, My child of man, then you are still very far from true LOVE, since haughtiness is still governing your soul! Burning LOVE knows of no privilege for any soul.               

7              Suppose you have to do with children of men, your brethren, who are not ready in the least either to see their guilt or to forgive you, if you have offended them; wrap them with the same words I uttered in JESUS CHRIST, when, hanging on the Cross and bleeding to death, I exclaimed to My murderers and tormentors and all those who had sinned against ME:

FATHER, forgive them,

for they do not know what they are doing!           

8              These words, if pronounced with the whole force of your loving mercy, effect a slight crack in the crust of blindness and obduracy which is going to give way slowly, inch by inch.       

9              Do undo your fetters which you have tied again in your folly; undo them through LOVE, so that you may return to MY BLISSFUL KINGDOM as free spirits of My Heavens.    

10           In MY KINGDOM, bitter will be a soul's awakening who has not dissolved through LOVE whatever it might easily have done in this earthly life!      

11           Therefore call ME, if you seriously want to dispose of your wrongs forever, so that I THE LORD IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, adjust them with and among you through MY GRACE!               

12           Let Love-streams flow freely from your heart in most ardent Love to every soul without exception so that pardon be a sincere forgiving; for to forgive, My children, means to forget for time and eternity! Write this with fiery letters into you heart:            

13           To forgive means to forget!       

14           Indeed, after forgiving, not a single negative thought should arise about it any more, let alone a negative word pass your lips; only then will forgiving be sincere!        

15           You now know that a child of man can never be forgiven, unless he follows with a stern will

The Law of Forgiving Love           

16           This means to love your enemies, do good to those who hate and persecute you, and be friendly with those who cut you; for only then are you a true child of your GOD AND LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA!              

17           I THE LORD repeat saying that never, never will a soul on Earth be forgiven its wrongs if it does not implement with the strongest resolution MY MOST HOLY COMMANDMENT OF LOVE:      

18           Love GOD above all

and your neighbour as yourself!                

19           Only full implementation of this MOST HOLY COMMANDMENT OF LOVE will move My Grace to waive the LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT, so that the guilt of such an obedient child will be erased from his "Book of Life", inasmuch as it does not revert any more to its former ways. How could it possibly be otherwise!        

20           THUS I AM HE






21           The SUN OF MY GRACE will then shine upon you, if you have become LOVE, most ardent merciful JESUS-MARIA-LOVE, which knows of nothing else but being only LOVE unto every soul.



The Consequences of Unforgiven and Irredempted Sins / Proliferation of unclean Thoughts and Offences / Avoidance of Wars / The Armament of Love / Misery of Souls in the Spheres of Redemption / Purification of Earth from all Sins / How the LORD will protec

The Consequences of Unforgiven and Irredempted Sins.

22 All of you who call yourselves Christians after MY HOLY NAME, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, certainly know MY JESUS-PRAYER which I THE LORD taught during My time on Earth to My disciples who asked ME how they should pray: THE LORD'S PRAYER.             

23           Assuredly you have often prayed this LORD'S PRAYER, but how did you apply it to your neighbours in your daily life? O, Children of My Love, have you made it your guideline to only act in the way you say in the LORD'S PRAYER:

And forgive us the wrong we have done,

as we have forgiven those who have wronged us!

24           It is with the LORD'S PRAYER just as with MY HOLY COMMANDMENT: "Love GOD above all and your neighbour as yourself!" Just as this commandment comprises the full holy scope of true and perfect Love, similarly the whole range of the JUST LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT is contained in this single sentence of the LORD'S PRAYER:           

25           "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive our brothers who have offended us!" as I taught it in those days and as I THE LORD also dictated it to My scribe.    

26           If you, My children of men, only prayed and applied this simple sentence of the LORD'S PRAYER following MY HOLY WILL, then all mankind would go without sin within a short time!               

27           Now I THE LORD am asking you:                 

28           Who amongst you does pray every morning this phrase of the LORD'S PRAYER with the full conviction of his heart so as to get the necessary strength to act accordingly? Who does ask himself every morning: what am I to do today to forgive those who have wronged me? Can I step every evening before MY GOD AND CREATOR with a pure heart praying and asking to be forgiven for my wrongs and weaknesses, after I see no longer my brethren's, since I have forgiven them?                  

29           Don't you realize then, Children of My Love, that there is no point in rattling off prayers with your lips rather than praying with a fervent heart; that it matters little to be a good church-goer, unless one has erected the true church in one's heart; that it is, however, a matter of utmost importance for every child of man to become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!

30           The thoughtlessness with which you have prayed and implemented the LORD'S PRAYER thus far, O men, cannot yield any result and a sin can neither be forgiven nor redeemed!

31           With the LORD'S PRAYER, I THE LORD have given you a prayer which - if said with the most earnest impulse of your heart - reaches ME instantly, just like flicking a switch in order to harness the forces of the electric current.           

32           Mind that a prayer should by no means be an exercise of veneration, but a spiritual reality tending to commune with ME, GOD THE CREATOR! Nobody can rise up to MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION through reverential ceremonies, but only through acts of merciful and forgiving LOVE.               

33           Thus endeavour to make up with all earnestness for what you have missed out on so far!             

34           Make good quickly, Children of My Love, whenever and whatever you have to forgive to those who wronged you, and pray likewise all brethren, both in the stillnes of your heart in a spiritual dialogue and in actual life if this is still possible, to forgive you for the wrong you have done them, even though only in the mind!             

35           If you accept to do this, you will indeed set off a spiritual process of purification for your own salvation and that of all humanity, whereby the situation of this Earth is bound to change.       

36           Do not pretend not to know what to forgive or to ask for forgiveness! Or do you expect ME, THE LORD AND MASTER OF ALL SOULS to lay bare the dark, sinful aspects of your soul?

37           If I allowed you to get a glimpse of the ocean of unfor-given and irredempted sins into which the sins of humanity pour incessantly in large streams, I THE LORD say unto you: you could not bear it and would instantly perish on account of the suffocating stench of sins! Yet I THE LORD, your GOD AND CREATOR, have to put up with this ocean of sins and see how the Children of My Love not only flee from MY HOLY VOICE AND LOVE, but continue to add to that ocean sin over sin! And had I not given you now, as it were, a lock gate with this NEW BIBLE, so as to stem the rising tide, the waves of sinfulness would break over you, and I tell you, they will as Doom - the self-inflicted last JUDGMENT, say I THE LORD - if you are not ready to check that stream of sins rapidly!            

38           Do do not tarry a second to follow MY HOLY ADVICE and lock the flood gates biff-bang behind you on your sins and offences by asking forgiveness for whatever you have perpetrated that cannot hold before MY HOLY FACE, nor enter MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION, but swells instead, sins begetting sins, My Counterpole's sea of troubles!     

39           By asking forgiveness, you call back your sins and offences, whereby you stop them in their multiplication, whereafter they can be dissolved through MY GRACE and redeemed forever.    

40           Do call back those thoughts of yours that have been detrimental to others or even to a whole group of people and cannot but go on in harmfulness since they proliferate like most virulent germs and harm not only at the point and time of origin, but even more so through the process of their proliferation and consequential growing force, risking to hurt, yea destroy generations of people; and even entire peoples!

41           Such was the case not only in countless events of your history, but still is the case today among you to a frightening degree, and will go on until your own destruction, unless you stop the process of your sinful thoughts immediately!        

42           Whenever your fellow or a neighbour community is made the object of or persecuted with thoughts of reprobation, envy or revenge out of blind self-love, jealousy or greed, this will trigger off the next higher grade of evil, namely hate, then aversion and repulsion if it does not degenerate into all fiendish sorts of strife and warfare.  

43           Since the beginning of this mankind, MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS have warned against the spiritual propagation of evil, e.g. through malediction, as I very often admonished you, O men, through raised high spirits living among you.         

44           When called away from this Earth of trial and redemption, as a soul severed from its human body, you can see then and only then what hellish nuisance your sinful thoughts have produced, and still more so your acts! You then will realize the immense damage caused which confronts you on this new step of your maturation which you have brought yourself to! You will be in one of these countless mansions which I in JESUS CHRIST referred to and which can be seen nearly every night on the starry sky.  

45           Now if you do not want to take those bitter steps over nearly endless periods of time but already during this earthly life of redemption ascend to MY HOLY FATHERLY HEART IN MY KINGDOM OF