Hoofstuk 16

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BLISS AND PERFECTION, follow MY HOLY ADVICE and ask immediately pardon for all your sins, so as to halt instantly the self-propagating flux of sinfulness!           

46           With all your might, you must slam the door on sins if you want to cover in the shortest time the direct way to ME as indicated in this NEW BIBLE in order to reach sinless the narrow GATE OF MY HEAVENS for admittance.             

47           This means, Children of My Love, that you must forgive everybody without exception in all earnestness whatever wrong he has done you, no matter whether he still lives amongst you here below, or whether he has already been called off from this Earth of redemption. And the earnestness of pardon implies that a final stroke be drawn on just any fault of your evildoers, not wasting any longer any word about it, or allowing a thought to take shape in your mind about what occurred, to say nothing of any resentful act against the guilty, everything should be written on sand for time and eternity.                  

48           For without such a fullest condonement and forgiving, you can never, never be condoned and forgiven yourself either, just as without this forgiveness you cannot either ever be saved from evil, as you so often have prayed at the end of the LORD'S PRAYER.  

49           And I THE LORD will repeat: do not be so smug as to believe that you are without blemish or guilt; in fact nobody has yet forgiven you as long as I THE LORD have not forgiven you. You cannot rely on any established authority, like an overbearing church claiming to be vested by ME with the right to remit sins. Note that nobody on Earth has been appointed by ME THE LORD to remit on My behalf, My earthly children's offences and sins! Nobody, say I THE LORD, for this can be done alone by ME THE LORD!        

50           Only on occasions where I once appeared in JESUS CHRIST did I forgive and remit sins, as you know, and today I forgive and remit sins wherever I THE LORD in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE appear, if such is My Will.

51           In order to partake of such an opportunity of GRACE you ought to do one thing after having condoned and forgiven all your brethren from the depth of your heart, namely - call ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE in the stillness of your heart - and lay down all your faults to My feet praying to ME in a most sincere prayer of your heart to be forgiven and the wrongs erased from your Book of Life. When I THE LORD see such a sincere effort within a heart, it may happen that the moment does come when the child of man in confession before ME in MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA reaches the inner conviction that all its guilt has been erased for time and eternity.          

52           No war will ever be prevented with weapons; only through purification of all sinful thoughts regarding the whole sphere of life of this star "Earth" can warfare be avoided and completely eliminated! Trying to establish world peace on the strength of an arms race is absurd, since the sinful thoughts which were instrumental in the making of those means of destruction, are already waging the most gruesome spiritual war before the weapons are brought into action and will sooner or later lead to war in its material reality as a self-induced Judgment.        

53           This iron truth lies in MY JESUS-WORD addressed once briefly to MY ROCK PETRUS, namely that "All who take the sword shall die by the sword"     

54           Put on the ARMAMENT OF LOVE, gird yourself with the spiritual SWORD OF MY ETERNAL RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PERFECTION and cut out with it whatever is sinful within and around yourself, both in the mind and in deeds! Then, and only then, will ETERNAL PEACE become a reality among you, both in small and great things!          

55           So beseech all souls both incarnate in this world and existent in the yonder spiritual kingdom, affected by a process of your mind not inspired by pure Love, to pardon and forgive you; ask for pardon particularly those souls in the spiritual spheres, whom you wronged in previous lives, even though you do not know of them in this incarnation, so that your sins be completely under control, and I THE LORD and MASTER OF ALL SOULS shall direct your praying and beseeching thoughts of repentance onto all relevant souls to the effect that you are freed from any guilt in this and previous lives.     

56           Include in your prayers for pardon with the full and deep earnestness of your repentance those souls, to whom you have barred access to a redemptive life on Earth by willfully breaking into the law of human fertility and procreation; this is a dreadful misdeed before the HOLY FACE of your CREATOR. The number of these complaining souls has now reached infinity; so beseech not only them to forgive you your sins if such is your case but also ask for MY BLESSING for these souls in deeply repenting prayers, in order to give them another chance for a redemptive life on Earth and they will no longer obstruct your evolution on Earth!         

57           And put into your prayers for pardon whatever be the cause, the firm resolution, by lifting your eyes up to ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, henceforth no more to fall back into your former wrong ways, and to keep from sinning before MY HOLY FACE!        

58           Always mind what sinning is. I THE LORD will explain it to you in all clarity hereafter:          

59           MY ETERNAL PERFECTION - as GOD, CREATOR AND LORD, as well as your HEAVENLY FATHER - is a spiritual organism with an endless and forever active vitality. You, O men, as CHILDREN to My Image are within this MY SPIRITUAL ORGANISM endlessly and forever evolving creative organisms, inseparably rooted in MY ETERNAL PERFECTION, incessantly drawing from it ETERNAL LIFE, and evolving to ever higher life on the strength of MY EVERLASTING LOVE AND GRACE.     

60           Therefore, it should indeed not be difficult to see that the slightest deviation from MY PERFECTION, by which you forever live and act, is a violation of the same perfection which sustains you; hence an infringement of this perfection is also counter-productive for yourself, since you are an integrant part of this perfection. That is why a violation not only jeopardizes MY PERFECTION, but is also detrimental to yourself.                

61           As long as an offence is committed out of sheer ignorance, it is in My eyes nothing more than foolishness. Yet if it is committed on purpose and with a view to evading MY COMMANDMENTS ensuring PERFECTION, such an offence is a SIN!                  

62           Now you can clearly see what a SIN is! Yet mind the consequence of sinning, which you spark off as you sin! It is the opposite of ETERNAL LIFE, namely DEATH!            

63           For ETERNAL LIFE is only possible through PERFECTION out of ME! ETERNITY AND PERFECTION are ONE and form with INFINITY a HOLY TRINITY!    

64           SINNING, however, deviating from perfection, can, by flouting MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, do no more but produce transiency breeding death!        

65           That is why My apostle Paul taught quite correctly that the wage of sin is death!                

66           Now, if you children of men do not want to see that discarding sinfulness is the prerequisite for shaping a better world, you then are obtuse and this your earthly life is definitively forfeit under your self-inflicted JUDGMENT, entailing your death. You owe it to MY GRACE alone that for you death is not paramount to annihilation of yourself, but only to your incarnation into another sphere of maturation, which by My Grace is a sphere of rehabilitation for every dense and unwilling human soul, until such a time as is set again by MY GRACE for the opening up of a new avenue to a new life of redemption.       

67           Now, Children of My Love, ask yourselves quite earnestly whether it is better to fall for the Counterpole world of death or to make up your mind to come with ME and have ETERNAL LIFE.              

68           Discard your illusions, say I THE LORD: you will not get better life and world conditions by any other means than through the observance of MY COMMANDMENTS OF LOVE! You will strive in vain after changing the world without overcoming sinfulness! Stop printing mountains of paper with your illusions, say I THE LORD to you worldlings, if you are unwilling to rise from the Slough of Despond! Your mountains of paper of continuously self-destructive illusions already top the Himalaya - spiritually speaking - and yet the most obvious thought has not occurred to you, namely the need of first changing yourselves and stop sinning!    

69           Is the entire history of mankind not a sufficiently clear proof that without ME THE CREATOR no noticeable results can be achieved? Did not each epoch of great civilization end up in ruin?                

70           Now, do you really want to bring about the greatest ruin to the human race by not stemming the rising tide of sinfulness? I THE LORD tell you that there will be a still greater flood than at the time of Noah, if you men of this age do not listen to this MY HOLY NEW BIBLE and do not start instantly to repent of your own sins and forgive everyone both here below and in the other world who sinned against you, and in the process you should never mind the mote in your brother's eye, but indeed the much greater plank of guilt in your own soul!

71           For nobody is guiltless in that he could claim to never have sinned against MY forever all-encompassing SPHERE OF PERFECTION!      

72           Or is it not a sin to look askance at your neighbour, who is a child of MY LOVE just as you are, to shun him, or even to wrong him with evil thoughts and deeds, for the sole reason that in some respect he does not share your opinion?    

73           Is is not a sin to corner MY RICHES - which I THE CREATOR put upon this Earth at your free disposal - speculating on them in competition with your neighbours secretly or openly without any remorse about profit-seeking, but to rub one's hands in satisfaction over "a good deal"? Did I in JESUS CHRIST not expel from the temple those profiteers who have happily sinned against their neighbours, indicating thereby that such people are an abomination before MY HOLY FACE?                  

74           And is it not a sin to make a business out of marriage and to favour, claim or engage in a union of man and woman to gain an advantage otherwise unobtainable? Or even to make a mere figurehead out of marriage in an unscrupulous gambling for power and influence?          

75           Or is it not a sin to curb the life of My children of LOVE through arbitrary limitations and laws?      

76           And is it not a sin to maltreat your neighbour with any type of violence?                 

77           At last, is it not a sin to tamper directly with ETERNAL LIFE by interfering with the procreation process in My Creation?

78           Do I need go on further asking you questions? This would never end, should I THE LORD want to list all types of sins of yours, particularly the greatest, namely those AGAINST MY HOLY SPIRIT!         

79           And also you, who rebel against violations on this Earth, I THE LORD ask you: Do you believe not to sin if you raise in arms against all the mischief in this world, paying evil with evil?

80           I THE LORD say: before doing anything inconsiderate, whereby you might come under the iron LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT, go deep into your heart and ask yourself if by acting with Love you will not only achieve more, but everything - assuredly not overnight, but according to the right measure of true LOVE, once everything is brought into harmony with ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER!    

81           Now I THE LORD advise all of you, My children of men, who have taken this NEW BIBLE into your hands, but cannot as yet make up your mind to follow ME in all things, which would imply in most cases a roundabout turn in your life direction:

82           Let peace come upon your soul! Try to enter into the stillness of your heart and ponder over your past life! Then call ME, YOUR GOD AND FATHER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, especially if you have never done this before, and ask ME in your helplessness what you should do and how to go about it, and then I THE LORD will show you the way somehow or other; for I know best what is appropriate in each case, because I alone can see through the actual state of your soul and gauge what befits you for your salvation!           

83           Now, try to begin to forgive whatever you can, and beseech ME and all your neighbours to forgive you what you consider a sin by your standards at the moment!               

84           Bear in mind that the ocean of sinfulness is no longer to rise to engulf you! But even then you have not done everything possible! For as long as the ocean of sinfulness remains on this Earth, it can start raging again and you men will never come to peace.     

85           Earth must therefore be cleansed from all sins and the OCEAN OF LOVE must fill this Earth if the world is to become better. For only the OCEAN OF LOVE will dissolve all sins. If, however, for lack of insight new sins continue to flow into that ocean of sinfulness, the rising tide will flood everything upon this Earth and cause it to burst - as that star in the UNIVERSE OF MY CREATION that was ruined by the ocean of sinfulness - if I THE LORD do not intervene!     

86           Therefore this chapter of MY NEW BIBLE deserves first priority, notwithstanding the extraordinary REVELATIONS OF MY GRACE in other chapters, on account of the need to stem the rising tide of sins so as to prevent another Flood!  

87           This means, for the practice of your daily life to start with: to sin no more, to pray for the remittance of sins committed, and to forgive without let or hindrance whomever has wronged you, whoever and whatever it be!                 

88           I THE LORD shall and will not allow this star of redemption "Earth" to be destroyed by the sins of human beings; MY HOLY BLOOD was spilled on Golgotha to this end, whereby I redeemed you from the Ur-sin of the Fall from My Kingdom, so that you can return home again to ME in MY HEAVENS.             

89           Eventually, notwithstanding all HOLY EXHORTATIONS OF MY LOVE in this NEW BIBLE, only a small fraction of mankind will change and follow ME; but with this small fraction I THE LORD will erect the NEW JERUSALEM on Earth!        

90           I shall begin to shake this Earth to awake the fully blind and obdurate souls to the fact that I THE ALMIGHTY am the Alpha and Omega!           

91           When this NEW BIBLE will have spread over the entire world and yet the hearts of men have not turned to ME, I THE LORD will have it that they be swept by their self-made ocean of sinfulness to the places of rehabilitation, which are ready to house them for infinite times.                  

92           Yet all those who in the meantime have turned their mind on ME and are willing to become IMAGES OF MY ETERNAL LOVE, will be protected by THE LORD and led to the HOLY GROUND OF MY NEW JERUSALEM on Earth.                 

93           Let those of you rejoice, who have resolved now to follow MY HOLY WAYS, for in you I THE LORD have now quarried the building stones for the NEW JERUSALEM, and MY GRACE can work for this whole mankind inasmuch as I shall lead with you a first group of mankind through the NEW JERUSALEM into MY HEAVENS, and later-on shall also be raised the blind, the obdurate, and mischievous from their self-dug grave of sinfulness which is the Judgment, onto the truly new EARTH OF REDEMPTION in the NEW JERUSALEM, thus giving them an opportunity of GRACE, namely still to be able to follow into MY HEAVENS, whereby will be fulfilled the HOLY TRUTH that




and that I IN



shall not only crush the Serpent's head, but also lead home OUR FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA into MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL PERFECTION, whereby not only this Earth will have fulfilled its HOLY OBJECT AND PURPOSE as a redemptive star for all the fallen world, but even matter as such, which can then be dissolved for time and eternity; this, will be the end of all times through


OF ETERNAL LOVE             

94           Nevertheless, I have to warn you, My willing children of this time against only reading this as a most wonderful prophetic story; for I THE LORD must emphasize that it is your greatest and most earnest responsibility in the present time, to serve as true models and beacons, as true disciples of MY ETERNAL LOVE!       

95           In all things you must lead the way as MY TRUE CHILDREN OF LOVE. You must set an example in praying and forgiving, and thus will MY JESUS-WORD of old be fulfilled through you, namely whatever you forgive to your brethren here below will also obtain in My Heavens, and the victor of sin will obtain the "Crown of Life", and also he will be in all perfection


forever one with





OF ETERNAL LOVE           


The Prayer of Contrition and Forgiving of Sins

The Prayer of Contrition and Forgiving of Sins      






holds Your heavenly mirror

onto my sinful face

to make me realize who I am:

a greatest sinner before


a sinner against

YOUR ALONE HOLY WILL!              


I can see my sins in

Your heavenly mirror

which accuse me before


Not only did YOU

shed Your blood for me

on the Cross of Golgotha,

but You are carrying again for me

The Cross of this world




Thus I sink down before YOU





in deepest humility and repentance

of my heart, beseeching YOU

to forgive me all my sins on Earth!             


For I want to be LOVE,

nothing but most burning, merciful


onto every soul with no exception

so as to become through


already here on Earth



Thus I forgive

all my brethren

who have sinned against me,

wipe out their guilt

for time and eternity,

just as I beseech all those offended to forgive me

all the wrong I have done them.                


Have mercy upon me,


and release me

from my sins and weaknesses,

I will follow YOU




in absolute obedience

for all eternity,

so that I can look

in a pure mirror of my self!           


My eternal thankfulness will rise to YOU



be fulfilled unto me forever!



103         Everyone can add to this Prayer of Contrition his own problems in order that all the sinful recesses of his heart be fully opened unto





and that everything, down to the least and smallest wrinkle of his soul, be purified and redeemed.