Hoofstuk 2

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this Book of Books



each word on these pages







offers you this




from darkness and distress



Revealed by




Just as the NEW TESTAMENT follows the OLD TESTAMENT, both forming THE BIBLE as known thus far, by GOD'S HOLY WILL this BIBLE is to be completed by the following NEW BIBLE, all three thus forming


















Indeed, mankind has not succeeded in achieving the necessary maturity to take the direct way to GOD neither by the OLD TESTAMENT nor by the NEW TESTAMENT, although this has been rendered possible by the LORD'S WORK OF REDEMPTION IN JESUS CHRIST which has opened up the unique, true way to GOD. Had the required maturity been achieved, mankind would have wrought a most living New Bible for all times and eternity by living in GOD'S ETERNAL LOVE thus fulfilling


Things being what they are, however, GOD THE LORD is led to intervene in the events of this Earth with this NEW BIBLE, not only to save mankind from inevitable, self-imposed ruin, but also to guide it on the way towards the ultimate aim of Creation for all human beings on Earth: to become


A Widespread Error

It is a widespread error to believe that the closing verses of The Revelation to John set a term to the whole BIBLE text forever. The warning contained therein not to add anything to this prophecy applies explicitly - as everyone can easily convince himself of - to this book of prophecy alone and not to the entire BIBLE text. Indeed, quite the contrary is true, since it is stated in John 16/12-13, that JESUS said:

"I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he shall guide you into all truth."

It is equally a widespread error to claim that all revelations had come to an end in JESUS CHRIST forever. Nowhere in the Bible can such a claim be founded or evidenced.

GOD'S inscrutable ETERNAL WISDOM is boundless! Were there any limit in HIS Creation, GOD would be neither eternal nor infinite. GOD'S ETERNAL LOVE pours forth into the infinity of the Universe just as it pours forth through this NEW BIBLE onto all HIS children on this Earth in an inconceivable ABUNDANCE OF GRACE, from which everyone can draw whatever will turn him into the most fervent and merciful love, whereby he will reach


























to mankind

in the vortices of My Counterpole


upon every soul in a human garb



to every human being

whatever his origin, faith, qualities, rank, and where-abouts; for all human beings are My children issued from MY FATHERLY HEART and all will need this NEW BIBLE for their salvation, redemption, and ascent to




                   1          LOVE

                               IS THE GREATEST MIGHT

                               IN HEAVEN

                               AND ON EARTH


                   2          I the Lord

                               am shedding

                               THE LIGHT OF ALL LIGHTS

                               with this

                               MY NEW BIBLE

so that you, men of this Earth and Children of My Love, My Grace, and My Mercy may open your eyes and realize why this NEW BIBLE is such an imperative need as




WHO eternally is aflame with LOVE for you and sustains you likewise in LOVE - most ardent LOVE, say I THE LORD - whilst hardly ever retrieving one jot or tittle of this eternally pervading LOVE; not even from those children who actually love ME but they do not love ME the way I want to be loved.        

3              For even you, children of men, who love ME, who build churches for ME, and who continuously pray to ME, you do not lead a life of LOVE in such a way that your love were pure enough before MY HOLY FACE;    

4              for you have not read the extant BIBLE with the pure senses of MY HEAVENS; you have not felt in your heart the Holy LOVE pervading all the biblical words and letters, and have not arranged your life and being accordingly,      

5              for, had you done this, you would not have erected those outer facades of MY LOVE instead of true inner churches of MY LOVE within your heart and you would not sit enthroned in arrogance as if nothing else existed in MY CREATION but these mere love-sprinkled facades; you would not claim that you alone are right in everything that concerns your faith in ME; you would not consider yourselves the sole attorneys of MY HOLY WILL and, like the scribes of yore, decide what is right or wrong before ME THE LORD! You believers even feel that it is proper for you to judge and determine what MY HOLY VOICE is and how and where THE VOICE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD may be heard, and now you are going to censor ME, YOUR GOD, LORD, AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, deciding whether I may publish a NEW BIBLE or not; you are going to determine whether this NEW BIBLE OF MY LOVE, GRACE AND MERCY does stem from ME or not!            

6              Verily, you always try to raise your mind above MY unfathomable WISDOM and still you believe that you love ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR! What is left of your humility before ME? What remains of your confession so often prayed: "FATHER, MAY THY ALONE HOLY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!"?               

7              So see for yourselves where you stand without MY having to tell you! You certainly do not stand in front of THE GATE OF MY HEAVENS! You have taken the wrong direction. You have read into the Bible what most fitted you and have set yourselves up as judges not only over your fellow-creatures but even over ME, YOUR CREATOR!       

8              Do you now realize why I THE LORD must give you a NEW BIBLE by MY GRACE AND MERCY? — I must put a NEW BIBLE into your hands not because I willed this fundamentally, but because you, children of men, through your blindness, stubbornness and over-cleverness, want something other than what I THE LORD want. And you have not even understood what it means to

Love GOD above all

and your neighbour as yourself!

(according to Mark 12/30-31)         

9              Thus MY NEW BIBLE is what is needed for children who are slow at learning in school, namely a crutch and an aid, but also from time to time a stern word to make them docile.

10           MY NEW BIBLE is therefore - verily say I THE LORD - A WORK OF PATIENCE out of MY GRACE AND MERCY for you, so that you may reach THE HOLY GATE OF MY HEAVENS and get not perpetually entangled, on the way to ME, in the weeds you have sown yourselves. Yet whoever is put off by these unsparing revelations will get still more entangled in the weeds of his proper Counterpole-potencies, and will be left hanging where his own indocility has carried him.  

11           But whoever wants to be saved through MY GRACE from the proliferating weeds of priggishness, which is one of the worst attributes of My Counterpole on this Earth, have to plunge, in deepest humility and purest LOVE for ME THE LORD, into this MY NEW BIBLE of Grace which will bring everyone into My Heavens, inasmuch as he will follow each word of this NEW BIBLE down to the last tittle.     

12           The NEW TESTAMENT had to be linked to the OLD TESTAMENT following MY EARTHLY LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST and MY DEATH ON THE CROSS OF GOLGOTHA so that you children of men might realize what the LOVE OF YOUR GOD AND FATHER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH accomplished for you.  

13           The few who truly did follow in My footsteps, indeed managed to spread the seed of MY LOVE; but the world of your making has always trampled over MY SEEDS OF LOVE: No wonder, therefore, that a world of fiendish tares flourishes all around and will not cease to flourish unless you reach for this


14           Those fiendish tares will proliferate only where there is no LOVE. Yet wherever MY LOVE abides in My children's hearts, the LIGHT FLOWING FROM MY FATHERLY HEART can and will endlessly and forever bring forth the multiplying SEED OF MY ETERNAL LOVE, dissolving thereby hell within and around man.

15           You will agree, men of this Earth, that first of all you ought to kindle the flame of LOVE for ME and everyone, including yourselves, so that you may begin to love ME in your BEQUEATHED DIVINE SPARK within your heart with the most ardent fire of merciful LOVE.

16           Therefore, the first volume of this NEW BIBLE can bear no other title than that of


THE NEW BIBLE - My anchor of salvation for all human beings on this Earth


1It is the first time on this Earth that LOVE'S fundamental principle is revealed to man by ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY in order that you may know what LOVE really is, where and how LOVE gushes forth inexhaustibly and that you may arise and walk towards LOVE, so that whoever has a human face might still be saved in the last moment before falling into utter darkness.                  

2              Yet this is not the only thing necessary to save you from night and distress, nay, MY HOLY WILL equally wants you children - originated from the HOLY OF HOLIES OF MY FATHERLY HEART - to be raised from the hellish lowlands of your being and be led home into MY HEAVENS.            

3              Thus this NEW BIBLE is of primary importance to you, o men, whatever your race and colour, whatever the people you belong to and the country wherein you live, whatever the creed you confess.            

4              Indeed, this NEW BIBLE is to become your anchor of salvation which I THE CREATOR AND LORD of all life, throw out for you, men of this Earth, as a GIFT OF MY GRACE, MY MERCY, AND MY ETERNAL, INFINITE LOVE.            

5              So you yourself must take hold of this your GOD'S indeed HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION, for this I cannot and ought not to do in your place. You must grasp on your own at this ANCHOR OF SALVATION OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, and cling fast to IT, and while lifting your eyes up to ME, YOUR SAVIOUR, let yourself be pulled out of this whirl of your own making, which has brought you to the edge of the yawning chasm of hell; you will be dragged forcibly into it and be gulped up in that inferno should you not grasp at this HOLY ANCHOR for rescue.               

6              If I THE LORD, tied you so to speak by My Might to this ANCHOR OF SALVATION OF MY GRACE, MERCY, AND LOVE - and indeed, nothing would be easier for ME - there would be no point in having created you; nor would there have been any need for breathing LIFE and a SOUL into you; or to place into your heart MY BEQUEST OF ETERNITY.                 

7              For, if I fastened you to this HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION, you men would be nothing but a piece of rotten drift-wood and not human beings endowed with all out of ME, with what I AM, YOUR GOD, LORD AND CREATOR, and what I HAVE AS YOUR GOD OF ETERNAL LOVE FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY.     

8              Try to understand at last what I said of yore as JESUS, namely that you must take by force the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, i.e., clutch at this ANCHOR OF SALVATION thrown out by MY HOLY HAND so as to be saved from the vortex of hell. And if you do not do so, I will not compel you to take this ANCHOR OF SALVATION OF MY GRACE, MERCY, AND LOVE. You must and shall keep your free volition which is holy, as it stems from ME, for you are worth more than rotten wood and must freely make up your mind, either for ME, GOD THE LORD, or for hell.

9              MY LOVE forbids ME to tamper with your forever free volition. Only by exerting your free will can you reach MY HEAVENS, not otherwise.




The Free Volition, core of MY HOLY BEQUEST within the heart of man

10If only you knew, O men, what the essence of human nature is, you might become perfect at once! This I THE LORD, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR can tell you, men of this Earth, since I alone know what the essence of human nature is and what enables you to become MY PERFECT IMAGE.           

11           You might have an inkling of your true nature. This you can get, whenever your love for ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, is flaring up, first in a faint breath; yet this fleeting awareness falls short of the certainty necessary for piercing the self-made veil of your wordly blindness which prevents you from reaching spiritual clarity. This failure is the result of your lack of LOVE for YOUR CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.    

12           At any time of your earthly life you might feel clearly why you are, par excellence, a human being, for at any time of your life you can exert your will freely as you please.       

13           Are you, O men, therefore not free creatures? Are you then not endowed with capacities which no other creature can command?                  

14           Now if this is so, you ought to acknowledge that you partake of a GRACE and that this unique and boundless GRACE could not possibly be dispensed by anybody else than YOUR CREATOR and that by HIM alone you have been blessed therewith among all other creatures of HIS EVERLASTING CREATION.      

15           The awareness of this MY GRACE should truly put you into a state of never ending LOVE for ME. Yet I say: not for My Sake ought you to love ME, YOUR CREATOR, indefinitely and most fervently, but for your own sake, because only then can MY GRACE become effective in you all that I AM MYSELF, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR: an infinite, never ending, and unrestricted plenty out of the purest HOLY SPIRIT.            

16           For this is why I AM HE, TO WHOM all is possible, since I AM IN ME ALL and can at any time dispense out of MYSELF ALL I AM AND ALL I WILL.               

17           Thereby I AM GOD THE LORD, because WHAT I AM I HAVE THE FULL MASTERY OF IN UNRESTRICTED PLENTY AND EVERLASTING PERFECTION. This means - and you had better note this in your heart - that I will not even for a single breath of MY EVERLASTING BEING diverge however slightly from the FULLY ACCOMPLISHED PERFECTION WITHIN MYSELF.         

18           For were this not the case, then

nothing could come from ME as LIFE,

nothing could reproduce itself as LIFE,

nothing could ever subsist as LIFE,

nothing could, as multiplying LIFE, progress

and develop to higher forms of existence!

Never would a live and immortal SOUL be yours!

Never would a SPIRIT operate in you!     

19           So try to understand this LOVE OF YOUR GOD, WHO, AS THE ETERNALLY HIGHEST SPIRIT IN PERFECTION, allows you, O men, to step out as



20           You, O men, are thus apprised of a further BEQUEST OF MINE, namely ETERNAL LIFE. You are ETERNAL just as I am! And eternal is MY LOVE towards you. For MY LOVE is not a transient flame! It cannot be ephemeral. MY LOVE cannot be a momentary rave, for MY LOVE is perfect.              

21           Thus MY LOVE for you, O men, is boundless and everlasting.      

The Holy Spark containing MY ETERNAL PERFECTION / The Inheritance of Eternity out of ME

22 created you, O men, by releasing and putting into you what I AM AS THE ETERNAL SPIRIT OF PERFECTION.      

23           Therefore you are, O men, My blessed children. I THE LORD endowed you, CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, with a GIFT OF MY GRACE by awarding you with the PERFECT FREEDOM WHICH I AM MYSELF FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY. This GIFT OF MY GRACE enfolds in you the most invaluable thing:



24           This ETERNAL EMBER OF MY PERFECTION operates indefectibly within you. It fills the immortal soul which I have given you and which cannot be destroyed. For it unites WITH ME, THE ETERNAL GOD. IT IS A SPIRIT OUT OF MINE, A SPIRIT OUT OF MY HOLY SPIRIT. IT IS THIS MY ETERNAL BEQUEST TO YOU which enables you to attain the aim of My Creation: to become MY PERFECT IMAGE!     

25           Yet what sort of heirs of MY HOLY BEQUEST have you become? There is but one answer: most unworthy heirs! Inefficient, most unreliable trustees of the noble capacities I bestowed on you! And I may even add saying with regard to quite a number of yours: mischievous heirs have you become, who not only squander MY HOLY BEQUEST, but even pledge it, as it were, to My Counterpole, clad in Satanic human features, and throw it onto the fiendish scalepan against ME thwarting thereby THE HOLY AIM OF MY CREATION!        

26           I THE LORD say unto you: Had I not put, now and then, new impulses into some of My earthly children, MY HOLY BEQUEST would no longer be operative in this human race. This danger, which the children of MY ETERNAL LOVE have caused continually through their bad life, so that MY GIFTS OF GRACE cannot but wither up in man whilst he drifts away from his destination, which is to become a PERFECT IMAGE OF MYSELF, this disruption, I say, is the reason why I GOD THE LORD, have to intervene forcefully from time to time into the course of events on this Earth.      

27           Yet before interfering again, as I once did through the Great Flood, in order to stop the darkness from smothering completely MY HOLY BEQUEST in the hearts of My earthly children, I will first allow mankind a merciful RESPITE, thus granting by MY infinite LOVE AND GRACE a last chance to mankind to stop all wrongdoings and so commune with themselves in the depth of their hearts in order to trace and uncover MY HOLY ETERNAL BEQUEST, the gift FROM ME, THE ETERNAL LOVE.                  

28           So try to realize that the present time is a forewarning RESPITE! May the proper light dawn upon your hearts, O men, showing you why I THE LORD am giving you this NEW BIBLE as an anchor of salvation from the night and distress of your hearts, wherein lies buried MY DIVINE BEQUEST!    

29           So lead a life of LOVE, I say unto you, for LOVE alone brings the LIGHT into the night of your hearts!          

30           For the night in your hearts is of your own making and has no other cause than your lovelessness in all things. You plod on without the right measure of LOVE, using everything for the sole purpose of satisfying your selfish desires, not thinking in terms of pure, merciful LOVE, sowing through your wanton self-love seed after seed of fiendish tares which spring up in the form of most ghastly features in human beings completely lacking in hearty love from MY HOLY DIVINE BEQUEST.             

31           This NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY must therefore spread over the whole world to reach all CHILDREN OF MY ETERNAL LOVE of all peoples of mankind, so that MY HOLY BEQUEST in the hearts of men be released inasmuch as this is still possible.

32           That is why I THE LORD beseech every child of man through this MY NEW HOLY BIBLE to change his mind and turn into LOVE; to refrain from deeds which stifle in him true LOVE from ME but instead do only what is appropriate to help rekindle true LOVE in men's hearts; to release MY HOLY BEQUEST and ensure that LOVE triumphs over fiendish blindness, so that through LOVE mankind can start up towards the HEAVENS OF MY PERFECTION instead of perishing in an infernal death of rank wickedness.          

THE LORD purport to move your hearts with this NEW BIBLE by telling you that I have always kept the helm of mankind's vessel in My hand and that I will not suffer mankind to plunge into the abyss of hell. What I THE LORD offer to all Children of My Love with this NEW BIBLE as a GIFT OF MY GRACE is - verily say I THE LORD - the entire


which stands ready to help you not to become a toy of hell.

34           The time has not yet come for ME THE ALMIGHTY to intervene with MY OMNIPOTENCE. In fact, I much prefer to stave off that moment to which effect I am calling up all available means of merciful LOVE through the HOST OF MY HEAVENS in an attempt to advert My earthly children's senses to the HOLIEST, which through My Grace is dormant within themselves.

35           This time on Earth is truly a TIME OF GRACE as never has been. For MY KINGDOM OF LOVE, GRACE, AND MERCY lies widely open through this NEW BIBLE to all mankind, and whatever I THE LORD channel through MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, which by the MIGHT OF MY LOVE has begun its advance on this Earth against hell and will not stop until LIGHT prevails on Earth in the hearts of all men of good will, and until a NEW EARTH with a NEW MAN, KIND OF LOVE will rejoice at having retrieved MY HOLY BEQUEST within themselves and set out on the right path.

36           You do not want to realize, children of this Earth, that you are truly able to accomplish perfect things like ME YOUR GOD AND CREATOR; and yet the truth is lying patent before your eyes, namely that you have the stuff to be true CHILDREN OF GOD and to rise through MY HOLY BEQUEST within you to become one day a perfect IMAGE OF MYSELF.

37           This prospect ought to enable you to break through the heavy cloak of your human garb and keep you from resigning to your self-created and self-caused world conditions which well-nigh may induce you to say, as many a man already does in his blindness: "GOD is dead!" Of course, "GOD is dead" to him who throws himself with open arms into the clutches of My Counterpole, and is being dragged down deeper day after day into outer darkness far from GOD.

38           Yet I THE LORD say: None can fall so deep as not to remain savable to MY LIGHT!

39           A few had managed to keep alive within themselves MY HOLY BEQUEST not only up to the Great Flood, but also before MY INCARNATION on Earth in JESUS CHRIST. This precarious situation even continued, MY MINISTRY notwithstanding, up to the WAY OF THE CROSS, when I said to the Jews, who were expecting a different MESSIAH,

"MY KINGDOM is not of this world!"

40           The Jews longed for a Messiah to take up their earthly claim of freedom and power, but not for ME,


WHO had come to them from the KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE to anchor within their hearts the ETERNAL FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF LOVE by which everything has been created and is kept going in the whole universe.

41           And My chosen people Israel should long since have grasped which world is the right one, for again and again had they been apprised of MY HOLY WILL through their prophets and taught the highest of all commandments:




42           Verily, I THE LORD, the forever ALMIGHTY, have attempted ever so often to bring My chosen people ever closer to ME through tender LOVE and a lamb's patience, exhorting and teaching them continually the fundamental commandments of MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION; yet they have kept sinning