Hoofstuk 11

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such time as it will need to come back again to ME, wherefor MY LOVE will relinquish everything, even if a supreme sacrifice may be required.             


Purification of Heavens

59 Now, the SPHERE OF PERFECTION OF MY HOLY TRINITY, or MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE - i.e. MY HEAVENS - was not separated from the trinity sphere of My first-created Spirit Satana who had meanwhile become My Counterpole. Thus, the spirits of the two trinity spheres were working side by side and among each other; true love and self-love met one another, this situation in My Heavens turning out to be a test for all spirits issued from true, perfect love.             

60           In order to get the better of My sphere and break the POWER OF MY PERFECT ETERNAL LOVE annexing it to her own sphere of self-love, My first-created Spirit Satana mustered a sort of troopers of it self-willed love-spirit all for self-glorification and sought to win the whole of Heaven with all the means offered by the power and capabilities which I THE CREATOR had bestowed on her and his trinity sphere.    

61           In contrast to this stood the host of spirits from the spheres of MY TRINITY and of MY SEVEN UR-SPIRITS: all were children of MY PERFECTION and had the HOLY WILL to follow ME, THE CREATOR and FATHER OF ALL THINGS, in perfect love.

62           This "confrontation" of true, perfect love with self-love is not to be understood as a clash of visible fronts opposing each other in a fighting array. This contrast transpired from all acts of volition translating qualities of MY PERFECT LOVE and those of Counterpole-love. In My Heavens these effects were not so marked as they are today upon your Earth; they took tentatively shape spiritually in a way you have no idea of on this Earth; for they were purely spiritual quality markers. One could roughly compare them to a human being on your Earth who has high mental faculties at his command and who can show amazing results, but who shows little, if any, true cordial love feeling, and instead an aberration of pure love, which is vainglorious self-love in self-conceited haughtiness: being sure to tower high above all others.  

63           True, pure LOVE vibrating in deepest humility, while being sure to be good at nothing and for nothing without GOD'S LOVE AND GRACE, cannot and will never soar up to self-glorification; and since it would never try to grapple with self-love, but rather deliver it from its wrong bent of heart and bring it back to genuine Love, it will often find itself in an apparent disadvantage in front of Counterpole self-love.              

64           Now, the POWER OF TRUE LOVE rests upon the perennial ORDER OF THE DIVINE SEVEN UR-QUALITIES in the HOLY TRINITY which will manifest itself only when there is the risk of a possible decline detrimental to all the children of My Creation. This is the moment when I, THE LORD OF CREATION, will interfere.       

65           Consequently, I THE LORD interfered once in My Heavens only when the Counterpole-sphere of MY first-created Spirit SATANA had grown so powerful within My Creation, owing to the manoeuvres of her self-love troopers, that the supernal state of True Love was getting upset by the Counterpole-sphere of selfish love.              

66           Yet MY HOLY INTERVENTION was not a struggle for power or a war in the human sense but only a withdrawal of MY GRACE from those who in spite of MY LOVE'S infinite patience were unwilling to admit for themselves the wrongness of their intent.         

67           This withdrawal of MY GRACE meant in the first place for all the spirits concerned of the Counterpole-sphere the loss of ETERNAL LIGHT from MY ETERNAL LOVE, which meant a fall from the LIGHT OF ETERNAL LOVE into darkness!        

68           Self-chosen and self-caused was this fall into lightlessness, into darkness; for during the whole evolution from the stepping forth of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA to this fall into darkness, a lapse of time which cannot be figured out at all in terms of earthly time reckoning, I never ceased wjth exhortations of MY LOVE AND GRACE inducing the falling spirits to break away from self-love.        

69           This heavenly retrospective has been necessary for this Bible chapter about true marriage in order to understand and accept the reasons for creating man and woman upon this Earth of redemption through My Mercy. For only now have you learnt how and why self-love appeared in My Creation as a Counterpole-development to true perfect LOVE and how it evolved not only as a Counterpole-force to MY OMNIPOTENCE, but even as a Counterpole-sphere similar to MY KINGDOM OF INFINITY AND ETERNITY.       


Evolution of a Sphere of Creation for Salvation

70 In order to revert, dissolve and dispel this depicted self-love caused by the self-willed disobedience of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, and thereby to clean My Creation from the spiritual infection which disobedience proved to be, another sphere of creation had to be made from the darkness in which all disobedient Children of My Love had wantonly locked themselves up, so as to provide for their liberation from this state of self-chosen confinement.  

71           A law was becoming necessary as a prerequisite for this redeeming sphere in order to grade every spirit proportionally to the self-caused fault, as evidenced by the fall from the LIGHT OF MY CREATION OF ETERNAL LOVE, and make it rise again and return into MY HEAVENS OF ETERNAL LOVE, THE KINGDOM OF YOUR GOD, CREATOR AND LORD, in application of the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF MY LOVE.               

72           And this law has been wrought from the PERFECTION OF MY INTANGIBLE WISDOM, LOVE AND MERCY, as


73           This law knows of no letters or paragraphs since it is purely spiritual. It needs no interpretation, nor can it be applied in different ways; it needs no application at all, since it works perfectly out of MY HOLY SPIRIT.    

74           As you would nowadays say, it works fully automatically. Since you are not yet reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT, you can hardly grasp this, just as you have not fully grasped as yet the causal law or so many other laws emanating from MY PERFECTION, for which neither lawyers, nor courts of justice, nor legal writers are required, for in case of need I THE LORD am also a PERFECT TRIBUNAL.     

75           The verdict, however, will not be pronounced by this tribunal of MY PERFECTION, but rather by the culprit himself.

76           MY GRACE AND MY MERCY always strive to spare the culprit his own self-chosen judgment, wherefor I THE LORD teach, exhort, and try to draw him onto MY HOLY WAYS with the most indefatigable LOVE AND PATIENCE, should it even last for ages, as has happened in the case of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA! A self-caused judgment will operate only in the extremest case, but then MY MERCY follows suit at once. For I AM ABSOLUTE LOVE AND ETERNAL LIFE and save all rather than condemn whatsoever or whomsoever!         

77           Hence, Children of My Love, beware of passing on yourselves a verdict under this PERFECT LAW, or of drawing the judgment upon yourselves; for this LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT, being purely spiritual, is highly sensitive, one could even say, hypersensitive. It is sparked off at the slightest offence against LOVE and subjects at once the offender. This subjection can be relieved only by a. self-recognition of one's guilt, a sincere repentance and an earnest observance of MY LOVE COMMANDMENTS; yet the full release from this Law of Sin and Atonement will operate through MY GRACE alone.

78           Hence it should have dawned upon you by now why your earthly life is but night and distress; for you only reap what you have sown! Now that you know that this LAW OF PERFECTION is hypersensitive and that any offence against LOVE, even the slightest, is recorded and binds the offender, you ought to realize that an offence against the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD is a hard hit.       

79           This does not mean to say that you should be afraid of this hypersensitive and inescapable LAW OF PERFECT LOVE; by no means, say I THE LORD! On the contrary, it should raise you onto that level of TRUE LOVE, where perfect LOVE endeavours out of love to be nothing but LOVE, whereby it cannot be tempted to trespass against the LOVE TO GOD and all fellow-creatures, avoiding thereby to attract the effect of THE LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT.              

80           Yet whoever in spite of this teaching does not become purest LOVE has to blame himself alone for being bound by this perfectly working law to the degree necessary for his purification and even, if need be, for sparking off the JUDGMENT OF MY LOVE as an inevitable effect of his stubbornness. Yet MY GRACE AND MERCY are able to annihilate even the stiffest obstinacy through the SACRIFICE OF FORGIVING LOVE.                  

81           When I THE LORD surmounted physical death on the Cross of Golgotha, the moment had come which was to break the fiercest hard-headedness in My Creation, namely the hitherto unshakeable haughty belief of My Counterpole Satana to be "the Lord of this World"! Until the last moment of My Passion on the Cross of Golgotha in My human garment, she felt confirmed in her obduracy and haughtiness by the thought of having forced ME, GOD THE LORD AND CREATOR IN JESUS CHRIST down to My knees; yet a few moments later THE POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT IN JESUS CHRIST showed her the truth as to WHO was actually the LORD of this star "Earth", which had now truly become in the face of My Opponent the "star of redemption" for the entire fallen Creation through the fact that I THE LORD over life and death, had broken the bonds of death, and thereby had flung wide open the gates of hell, the kingdom of My Antagonist, wherein seemed to be confined for all eternity all those who had surrendered to her.  

82           Yet now MY LIGHT OF RESURRECTION pierced through death and matter into deep hell, proving there to all subjected that TRUE LOVE can strip off whatever fetters and that My Antagonist is compelled to yield to THE MIGHT OF LOVE, inasmuch as LOVE, in absolute obedience to GOD, does nothing else but fulfill GOD'S SOLE HOLY WILL whereby LOVE AND OBEDIENCE become LOVE OF ALL LOVE.      

83           The might and obstinacy of My Antagonist were now broken insofar as every willing soul could get out of her sway!

84           Through MY RESURRECTION FROM GOLGOTHA, MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT AND COUNTERPOLE SATANA was henceforth stripped of her trump card "death", hitherto the strongest counter-power to ETERNAL LIFE. On Golgotha her power was downgraded to a shadow-power sustained only by those unwilling to believe in a GOD OF ETERNAL LIFE, WHO in JESUS CHRIST demonstrated THE MIGHT OF HIS LOVE over death and matter, in order that HIS CHILDREN OF LOVE might follow Him and return into HIS KINGDOM OF LOVE AND ETERNAL LIFE. Death and matter, those two main assets of the disobedient and fallen Spirit had been stripped on Golgotha of their most mysterious force through THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT WHICH IS ONE WITH GOD THE ALMIGHTY.               

85           I THE LORD was to create the world of matter for MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, so as to get her off her fixed idea of being almighty by herself; yet I composed this world mostly of her own qualities of disobedience and haughtiness in which she retrieves as material effects whatever its disloyal and disobedient Spirit had once produced with the considerable difference to herself that I FATHER AND LORD OF ETERNAL LOVE have laid MY ENDLESS LOVE into all forms caused by the fallen Spirit without which also all her intrinsic creations would have completely petrified.                

86           Look, for instance, at the various life forms of the violent Spirit in the manifold species of beasts of prey, which in spite of the wild features fixed in them are not deprived of beauty and even benefit from the BLESSING OF MY LOVE in matters of procreation, motherhood and community life, so as to qualify - through LOVE - for higher forms of life.            

87           I already explained to you that everything in My Creation is LOVE and that without LOVE nothing can live, subsist or multiply; even hell is endowed with certain features of LOVE, otherwise everything would fall from disobedience into complete petrification.


Origin of the "Chosen People"

88 Thus I THE LORD have shown the greatest Mercy precisely with that group of spirits siding with MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, who gathered round her as a group of willful angels striving to impose upon My Heavens a separate omnipotence of their own. This was a group of angels endowed with wonderful qualities out of Mine, yet misled by MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA to self-glory and pushed by her to surpass ME THE LORD: Without this group of opposing angels endowed through MY GRACE with the highest qualities of MY LOVE, MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA would never have succeeded in becoming a Counterpole to MY ONMIPOTENCE.             

89           While creating the material world after the fall of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA from My Heavens with her whole Counterpole creation, I THE LORD left to this subversive group of former angels of MY KINGDOM not only all the main features of MY GIFTS OF GRACE including their human garment, but graded them also according to their rank under My first-created Spirit as the "chosen people" among all the other nations on Earth, since by the LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT this group has also to share the heaviest burden of guilt of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT. This is why, in MY MERCY, this so heavily guilt-laden Counterpole-group was led directly by Myself to enable it to get rid on the shortest way of this burden of guilt brought down from Heaven, and to find its way back home to MY KINGDOM OF PURE LOVE; this it did not behold even when still a group of angels in the pure vision of the HOLY SPIRIT. Without that higher rank of "chosen people" among the nations on Earth, this Counterpole group under MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT, owing to the guilt incurred in Heaven, could never have found the way back to the forfeit celestial home, but would have been completely crushed under its burden of guilt.

90           Thus did I THE LORD reveal MYSELF in MY MERCY to this "chosen people", first as the TRUE UNIQUE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, leading it through My Prophets in truly endless patience in order to alleviate its burden of guilt and help it through trials to master all weaknesses, so as to stumble no more under temptations before ME THE LORD; for that reason I THE LORD in My greatest ACT OF MERCY, incarnated in this people as its SAVIOUR AND MESSIAH.            

91           Hence the redemption of the Ur-sin of all the fallen spirits through MY JESUS-BLOOD could have coincided with the redemption of the guilt of this "chosen people", had it only recognized ME, its GOD in JESUS CHRIST, instead of nailing ME on the Cross; moreover, MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT and Counterpole, the once celestial guide and seducer of My "chosen people", would have been instantly divested of her power and compelled to submit in MY LIGHT to her GOD AND CREATOR, her Counterpole might having come to an end.

92           My "chosen people" would never have to be dispersed, had it not perpetrated by its blindness the dreadful misdeed of Golgotha; never would there have been any persecution of My disciples and all earthly children who believed in ME; never would My Counterpole have been able to rage against ME, either in a Herod, in a Caiphas, or in a Nero. Not only could the human race have taken another course, namely the one leading to Heaven, but also the whole Creation would in all have been raised a step higher.          

93           Hence this "chosen people" cannot but blame itself for its tragic fate among the nations of this Earth, just as everyone ought to blame himself for his lot if he will not recognize and acknowledge ME as GOD THE LORD and will not follow ME.

94           Yet no nation on Earth may claim superiority over this "chosen people" by curtailing its right to live, or by negating its existence; for all nations and races bear in themselves both a grade of guilt and a grade of grace in order to retrieve the way back to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION. Each guilty spirit from My Heavens has been put in a corresponding grade within a nation and a race, wherein it may best and most quickly redeem its guilt. There is no privilege before MY HOLY FACE for any nation or race to rise above anyone else upon this Earth, since before ME, GOD THE LORD and CREATOR OF ALL LIFE AND THINGS, all are equal and all are MY CHILDREN, bearing in themselves the divine spark of MY INHERITANCE, and alone THE MIGHT OF MY LOVE ought to glow within every human heart and to unite and bring all together in this LOVE, but also to overcome whatever weakness by this LOVE, so as to bring about a true HEAVEN ON EARTH.


Tasks of Salvation of Marriage

95 Now, Children of My Love, turn your eyes inside yourselves on the strength of this revelation and recognize that there are other reasons accountable for all the suffering upon this Earth than those fake ones invented by your intellect, and ask yourselves now what you can do to wipe out the causes of guilt by cognitive and active LOVE so that mankind may advance towards a new true era of life.    

96           After all these revelations it should be quite clear to you what each one of you can do - notwithstanding whatever arguments your intellect has mustered up and which only spell ruin for you - so as to rightly grasp the GIFT OF GRACE OF YOUR GOD AND HIS HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE for your maturing and resurrection in LOVE: MARRIAGE.                  

97           For marriage has not been given to you by YOUR GOD AND HEAVENLY FATHER for lust's sake but to grow into MY IMAGE AND LIKENESS. Moreover, marriage has been given to you to contribute to the salvation of whatever fell through its own guilt from My Heavens into the depth of hell. In addition, marriage is meant to give flesh to a live eternal soul, whereby you can help the guilty spirits of Heaven to ascend to the TRUE KINGDOM OF LIFE.        

98           Hence, by the deepest reason of MY LOVE AND GRACE, marriage is something holy indeed, marriage is overholy for whom who understands it correctly and lives it according to MY HOLY WILL. Yet whoever profanes it by dragging it into the mire of sin will take upon himself not only another burden of guilt, but through the fiendish aspects of sinfulness, he will serve My Counterpole who wants to cast him into absolute darkness of life.                

99           Through a true and perfectly led marriage you not only ignore the attributes of My Counterpole, but you also help to redeem her, since he has taken hold of every weakness of the human body and soul, keeping the latter subjected to him in the straight]acket of the flesh and hence of death. So start, O men, to rise above matter and death by following what will now be revealed to you for your eternal salvation about HOLY MARRIAGE by MY EVERLASTING LOVE.                


Holy Basic Prerequisites for a Holy Marriage

100 The beginning of true marriage as sanctified before ME, GOD THE LORD, does not have to wait until the time of wedding, but takes place as soon as the incarnate soul has become aware, through MY SPIRITUAL INHERITANCE in it, of its being called upon to rise and perfect itself. Yet this moment is still too dim to push the soul resolutely on the ways of MY HOLY SPIRIT. It is like when a heavenly spirit has just issued from ME and has to decide, in its endowed own free volition, either to love ME above all and to follow ME in absolute obedience, or to follow its own ways, as I already revealed to you.                  

101         This moment occurs according to MY HOLY WILL, in every soul, whether male or female, but the point of this occurrence depends on so many events within the soul that this cannot be demonstrated here: all that may be said is that it will occur at the right time according to MY DIVINE ORDER. Thus no soul could argue that MY HOLY HAND had never been ready to help it in its ascent or its conversion.      

102         Now this NEW BIBLE OF MINE is meant to confer to this moment of awakening not only a greater impact upon the soul, but more so to be a second chance for the soul's salvation in case it had missed the first. Thus is extended to you, earthly children, a special GRACE precisely in these times of excessive faults among men and women to save you from the fall into the depths of My Counterpole and to lead you onto the soaring paths of true marriage.                 

103         The sooner this moment dawns upon a soul the better, since it can all the sooner follow THE HOLY WAYS leading to a true and perfect married life and thus escape a grievous lot on Earth. If a soul, however, had already taken the wrong direction before this moment occurs, the circumstance of which is always MY HOLY WILL for the sake of the soul's own maturation, it is not too late for all that, and MY GUIDING HAND can still be seized. This is especially the case at the present time, when through MY RETURN ONTO EARTH IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, MARIA, MY HOLY ARM can be seized in any situation.     

104         So meditate, My children of this Earth, with all your earnestness whatever is here being revealed, disclosed and taught to you, so that this truly holy instant may pervade you with the plenitude of MY LOVE to turn you - whether male or female - into true disciples of YOUR GOD AND LORD IN HIS HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, so that the NEW JERUSALEM may be built on Earth where a true holy marriage will be lived.           

105         The unmarried who experience this moment within their soul, will have MY GRACE by being led to a true and perfect married life, provided that they are ready to fulfill MY HOLY WILL and whatever has been laid down in this NEW BIBLE. Such a matrimony will be sanctified before ME, GOD THE LORD, and will be called a JESUS-MARIA-MARRIAGE.       

106         On the other hand, when this moment dawns upon a married soul, it will have MY GRACE by having its union raised to the state of true marriage before MY HOLY FACE.        

107         Whoever is already living an unhappy marriage when this moment of GRACE strikes his/her soul, this soul will equally partake of MY GRACE in that its conditions of married life will be changed, provided it is prepared to forgive its spouse in all things and to observe absolute obedience by doing what is required from it by MY HOLY WILL and what is written in this NEW BIBLE.             

108         Whoever has severed the ties of marriage by divorce may nonetheless be struck by this moment of GRACE in his soul through MY GRACE so as to be led to the best of its spiritual interest following MY HOLY WILL.           

109         Finally, even all those souls which have been and are still going completely astray on the paths of hellish sins can still be struck by this moment of GRACE, inasmuch as they are prepared to turn their eyes up towards ME THE LORD IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE and to start a new life without falling back, be it only for a single thought into their old errors and sins.                

110         Thus none is left out from MY all-embracing JESUS-MARIA-LOVE; everyone can be guided and saved and the whole Earth purified for the NEW JERUSALEM which, according to MY HOLY PLAN OF CREATION, is ready to become a reality on this Earth of redemption. Ponder, children of this Earth, over what this means, realize in what a TIME OF GRACE you are living and what is being done for you by YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER OF ETERNAL LOVE in HIS MERCY!           

111         So there ought to be only one thing that matters for you, namely to adopt with holy earnestness these HOLY COMMANDMENTS for a true married life blessed and sanctified by ME, and to turn definitely away from whatever the sinful world of My Counterpole still is trying to instil into your minds.