Hoofstuk 32

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Chapter 8


1) I, JESUS-MARY- SPIRIT have this pen in MY HAND to engrave every WORD of TRUTH onto your heart. I AM MERCY therefore you may not be or live anything else if you want to be part of ME. I as MERCIFUL BEING also fill every living organism, although it appears different in the hunting part of creation. Only man who can unite with ME, can apply MERCY, therefore it is worthy of the CROWN. Choices made in LOVE, shows MERCY from WISDOM, thus it displays LIGHT, bringing PEACE.

2) MERCY is just like LOVE, thus a condition of existence, because by living out LOVE the results or consequences are MERCIFUL.

3) Be diligent in LOVE and MERCY to radiate HOLINESS, because the more you heed to WISDOM's advice and proceed MERCIFULLY, the stronger you draw MY MERCY to you for ME to entrust you with endowments. Every endowment originating from ME results in POWER drawing the heir closer to MY CORE.

4) Never go back to where you awakened and repented, but work to act MERCYFULL in every situation.

5) What do I regard as MERCY?

Life is sacred. Only in the sense of dominion, growth or development or maintenance of locations may something be killed or destroyed.

Recycling is good, but soul parts do not need to be repeatedly ‘recycled’. This is only possible once or twice, before total death invalidates it. MY WILL will determine what happens to the soul parts.

6) Love liabilities become a sacrifice through MERCY that will be greatly rewarded eternally. Every child carrying a burden for his neighbour will be awarded.

7) No one can come to ME if I do not show MERCY, therefore everyone can try to gratefully practice MERCY. I will lead everyone to realize MY MERCY, as new things are observed and learned, so that MY KINGDOM can come.

8) How does RIGHTEOUSNESS lead to MERCY, because I am not only LOVE? Yes, LOVE is found in RIGHTEOUSNESS and MERCY, yet not only in the one and not in the other. A Parent that disciplines still loves enough to care. So I love you as MY property and creation, but also as MY friends and loved ones. This is the origin of the perfect marriage: If you unite with me in all levels to also partake in WISDOM, I will crown you with MY SPIRIT of MARY, the WISDOM, where you then take on MY female being`s role to become CO-CREATORS of MY WILL and so supplement MY BEING in serving. Understand now that I had to separate from MY People because of their unfaithfulness to LOVE, but I am again taking your hand as a BRIDE out of the WILL of MERCY to sanctify you for eternal service. Make this COVENANT a reality by purifying your heart in LOVE and round off your robe in MERCY as a wedding garment, because I am ready to take you up in MY BEING so that WE can achieve new forms of life. Let MY Lambs graze, Peter. So say I, JESUS, through the SPIRIT of MARY as an ending to this volume of the NEW BIBLE. I say again: Peter, let my lambs graze. Amen.