Hoofstuk 4

Spring: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35.

- Chapter 1 -


1 It is My Holy will

children of this Earth,

that you become


most burning, merciful






from ETERNITY to ETERNITY          

2              For this LOVE, My children, not only dissolves everything, but redeems you from all bonds of darkness in which you have got entangled by the Ur-eternal Law of Sin and Atonement, which is not only an inexorable law for every soul, whatever its origin, but also the greatest LAW OF LOVE, without which there would be no expiation for any guilt, whatever its weight.            

3              It should therefore be clear to you that a child of this Earth can reach My Heavens only through LOVE and consequent deeds of LOVE. This LOVE, however, will never be self-love, keen on its own advantage, for such a love is that of My Counterpole - Satana.        

4              True LOVE must be willing to serve just as a tender bride will serve her spouse and this is the LOVE which I THE LORD have laid into your hearts.                

5              However, you have dried up this pure well of MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE within you by serving under My Counterpole who does her utmost to grab you completely with her fiendish clutches.               

6              That is why I THE LORD have returned onto this dark Earth to bring to you the HOLY LIGHT OF MY HEAVENS, which is the HOLY FIRE OF MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE!           

7              For LOVE will have not only to radiate from your faces, but also to transform indeed your whole being so that you recognize yourselves no longer, thereby becoming children of My Heavens already here on Earth!           

8              So start rightaway to work upon yourselves with all your energy to subdue within yourself whatever cannot enter My Heavens!      

9              And it is indispensable for every human soul before going to rest at night to kneel down humbly before ME THE LORD, and ask itself in prayer: "MY GOD AND LORD, did I spend this day in such a way that You may rejoice about me, your sinful child, or did I heap new sins upon myself through my carelessness and lovelessness with regard to my neighbour?" - If every soul asks itself this question every night, it will soon notice a great relief within its heart, for it now strives to sin no more and henceforth to violate no more the greatest LOVE COMMANDMENT of its GOD AND LORD:




10           For whoever observes this commandment, O children of Mine, will be granted the divine GRACE of becoming a true child of his GOD AND LORD already here on Earth.  

11           Furthermore, you ought never to begin your daily work without thanking ME THE LORD, for all I have given you in My boundless love. These thanks must spring from the innermost of your heart with the firm resolve to become a true JESUS-MARIA-CHILD.      

12           So bless and love everyone, say I THE LORD, so that LIGHT may come again onto Earth! This HOLY LIGHT OF MY HEAVENS is not only to radiate from every heart that truly loves ME GOD THE LORD above all, but it must spread from you through My whole Creation out to its remotest parts.     

13           For it is LOVE, nothing but LOVE, which I THE LORD give you children of men all the time forever. But what do you offer ME in return? The whole of your heart? Nay, say I THE LORD, for even those who cry "LORD, O LORD!" and stammer countless prayers, are still far off!             

14           A true prayer coming from the bottom of the heart - a real outcry - is alone attended to, but not a mere moving of the lips or a droning of endless litanies; these I THE LORD will neither receive nor attend to, for they are an utter abomination BEFORE MY HOLY FACE. Pray note, children of this Earth, that a genuine prayer unto ME YOUR GOD AND HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS, must be a prayer spoken not only with fullest earnestness, but also with the most glowing love your heart is capable of!                

15           So start to learn how to articulate such a genuine prayer, which must be a prayer of the heart, just as an abecedarian starts to learn his multiplication table, and persist until it is the sort of prayer it should and has to be, namely a heart's prayer of love which will be accepted by ME THE LORD, if you are ready to begin a new life in deepest humility here on Earth with ME YOUR GOD AND LORD WITHIN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL MARIA! *

16           This new life must be a life of love, just like the life I THE LORD once set as an example as JESUS CHRIST, just as I do it now once more in the QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS, WHO will step forth on this Earth when I THE LORD will so decide.         

17           Yet bear also in mind that LOVE has to go with sternness or else it would not be true LOVE wanting to save every human soul!        

18           Hence My sternness in WHOM I THE LORD, have returned onto this Earth, is in fact My greatest Love and Mercy. Or could you imagine that a child of MY LOVE might be saved from the abyss of darkness with a purely lulling, petting love? Nobody could possibly believe that!        

19           So let nobody take offence at the sternness of MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA, WHO is not only the woman above all women, but also the man above all men!              

20           Yet what this implies will become evident only to the child of MY LOVE who has sufficiently matured to understand the language of HIS GOD AND LORD.       

21           So watch and pray and ask continually not to fall a victim to Satana, who is clad in the glamorous garment of My Counterpole, and look up unto ME THE LORD in the QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS and then you will recognize Satana, who wants to rend you to pieces like a wolf in sheep's clothing; for great is the power of My adversary and hence watch out not. to fall completely a prey to her clutches which will keep you caught for ages!  

22           Yet you can avoid all this through LOVE which shall and must glow in your hearts to render MY GRACE operative unto you.

23           So develop LOVE, most burning and merciful JESUS-MARIA-LOVE towards every soul so that be kindled within your hearts






24 You indeed, children of men, often will say, that GOD IS LOVE, as if you knew what LOVE is; yet I GOD THE LORD say unto you: you do not know, you have but a faint idea of MY being LOVE, ETERNAL LOVE.          

25           Be not disappointed, at My saying this firmly to you, who think you know that I am LOVE, but you really do not know! I even say: "You cannot know as yet what LOVE ultimately is, nor can you know that I am that LOVE!"        

26           You might then object by asking how I GOD THE LORD can give you COMMANDMENTS OF LOVE and say at the same time that you do not know what LOVE is.  

27           The answer to the riddle becomes quite obvious, if I tell you that              

28           LOVE is neither a capacity nor a concept nor anything else; LOVE is a state of being.          

29           Even for ME, YOUR CREATOR, it is not so easy in this instance to explain to you in the language of your transient earthly limited human being what LOVE is by essence.    

30           And as I have said already that LOVE is a state of being, it is therefore quite easy to understand that whoever is in this state of "LOVE" will be able to know what LOVE is; which means that one has to be and to live completely in this state of "Love" to grasp and to know what LOVE actually is; in other words, the heart is to overflow with LOVE, yea the entire soul is to be pervaded and filled with LOVE to seize LOVE!             


32           Moreover, LOVE is at the same time MY HEART, MY SPIRITUAL HEART, MY FATHERLY HEART, from which only LOVE can pour out endlessly from eternity to eternity.               

33           Therefore, all My Creation and all that I THE LORD do, is LOVE.     

34           Therefore also you, O men, are Children of My Love. Out of LOVE have you been created and LOVE is your basic nature, and whatever surrounds you and whatever serves you for this life again is but LOVE.       

35           THUS ALL IS LOVE!

And behold therefore, Children of My Love: as you have not yet realized that all is LOVE, that you have been created out of LOVE, and that you are LOVE throughout, you cannot know as yet what LOVE fundamentally is and why YOUR GOD is LOVE. This is still beyond you because you have not yet produced within yourselves this state of perfect LOVE.               

36           That is why I GOD THE LORD had to give you THE COMMANDMENTS OF LOVE, in order that you might gradually live up to MY ETERNAL UR-STATE OF "LOVE"; that is why with the deepest HOLY EARNESTNESS I THE LORD had to exhort you through the QUEEN OF LOVE in the preceding first chapter to become most burning, merciful LOVE.        

37           Note therefore that LOVE is a state of being, namely the highest, the divine state. LOVE is the UR-STATE and ETERNAL STATE of YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, whereby GOD IS ETERNAL LOVE.  

38           GOD and ETERNAL LOVE are but one. Yet in MY EVERLASTING STATE OF "ETERNAL LOVE", which is MY HOLY SPIRIT, there is an innermost UR-POL - an UR-GRUNDPOL - in which and out of which LOVE is renewing itself eternally. This UR-GRUNDPOL OF MY LOVE is the source of My ability to pour out LOVE eternally, permanently and to create out of LOVE nothing but LOVE.            

39           This is an utter secret and a deepest mystery of incomprehensible dimension for you; a REVELATION ABOUT MYSELF which has never been given before to the children of men! Try at least to understand roughly that what I am giving you is THE LOVE OF YOUR GOD for you humans!                

40           And why am I giving you, O men of the present time, this nearly self-disclosing REVELATION ABOUT MYSELF?     

41           Let ME explain, Children of My Love:       

42           LOVE in its ETERNAL PRIMAL STATE OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR is now deeply afflicted in its UR-GRUNDPOL by the adverse state of things which you, O men, as Children of My Love, have brought about on your planet "Earth" and LOVE is, so to speak, moved as by a challenge to dissolve this adverse state of "hell".       

43           LOVE in its true perfection is also the greatest force, since all and everything is love, and this enables ME, THE CREATOR, to achieve what is impossible to you, men! If LOVE acted upon this challenge as men would, it would wipe out straightaway the counter-state of "hell" through its AL-MIGHTINESS. Since, however, LOVE OUT OF ME is perfect LOVE, it evolves on paths other than those the short-sighted human mind would take.  

44           For LOVE forever evolves along the HOLY PATHS OF PERFECT, TRUE LOVE and can and will never destroy anything, because - as you have learnt - all is made out of LOVE, so that even the counter-state of "hell" still contains basically the germ of LOVE.    

45           That is why LOVE will never come up with weapons of destruction, because LOVE cannot and will not undo that what LOVE has created. Only the erring human mind will destroy phenomena it finds unsuitable, but it does not realize that by doing so it clashes with indestructible LOVE, which, however, will never resort to destruction, but rather to the application of new intermediary life stages with respect to LOVE through its Almightiness. This occurs in most cases through a change of this earthly life for another life - a change which you men, according to your present maturity still call "death" - in order that the deviated mind may gradually move from its persisting counter-state "hell" to a more mature love-like state of being. This is the LAW OF LOVE - THE LAW OF RIGHTEOUSNESS called the LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT - which does not destroy anything but with its HOLY BALM puts everything back into the right order! This will be revealed to you, O men, out of MY MERCY in this NEW BIBLE in the fullest detail; but wait and listen to what MY LOVE has yet to tell you about how it will face out of Love the counter-state of hell which you have produced.                

The Miracle of all Miracles - The Mystery of My Incarnation

46 Afflicted in HER HOLIEST UR-BEING, the UR-GRUNDPOL OF MY LOVE pressed strongly to step forth into the world of mankind to face its counter-state "hell". This meant that GOD HIMSELF was to make the greatest sacrifice out of LOVE to overcome and dissolve this counter-state "hell".               

47           As stated, GOD can do anything out of LOVE; hence HE was able to proceed to such a sacrifice through the most wonderful, fundamental principle of HIS ETERNAL LOVE, the self-sacrificial TOTAL MERCY OF HIS LOVE, which all and everything will eventually lead back to HIM.         

48           A tremor, hitherto unknown in MY WHOLE CREATION, filled the whole space of MY INFINITE CREATION when I GOD THE ALMIGHTY LORD gave way to the urge of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL - the UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE - in order to step forth onto the star of sinful mankind as HE WHO has all might in Heaven like on Earth, so that man as a child of MY FATHERLY HEART might recognize ME as ETERNAL LOVE and govern thenceforth his life by My sole example, turning away from the Counterpole of MY ETERNAL LOVE, to whom this Earth has been assigned for her redemption until the time when every creature will have been saved.          

49           Yet how could this be possible? - Because it seemed impossible, My Counterpole did never expect GOD THE ALMIGHTY to confront her visibly upon "her Earth". She therefore was quite sure that she could quietly go on to lure away the children of MY ETERNAL LOVE forever. Indeed, how possibly could I, the ALMIGHTY SPIRIT OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, step down in a visible and tangible form directly among narrow-minded men, who discern nothing beyond the brute matter? - As ALL-PERVADING ALMIGHTY SPIRIT being all in all the ETERNAL MIGHT - perceptible and recognizable only for somebody with a gradually awakening spiritual eye - it would, and will forever be impossible to show MYSELF as a human being to human beings in the entire ALMIGHTINESS OF MY BEING; for none could ever bear the ALMIGHTINESS in ME, GOD, THE LORD AND CREATOR.                  

50           Yet the urge of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL persisted to bring salvation and deliverance to the sinful earthly children from the Counterpole's power through a most merciful act of ETERNAL FATHERLY LOVE: by stepping MYSELF down onto this star of all sins.                  

51           So had this path of rescue and salvation to be taken by the GREATEST OF MIRACLES: a mystery exhausting in MY CREATION both the highest Wisdom of MY HOLY SPIRIT and the greatest Mercy: namely that I, GOD THE LORD AND ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF ALL BEING, was to incarnate MYSELF in an earthly human garment, so as to be visible to man and bearable for his earthly strength.              

52           Accordingly, a birth on Earth was to be prepared, in order that I THE LORD could take on the human flesh, thus becoming visible as GOD and thereby able to act for the salvation of all earthly children.                 

53           As is self-evident to everyone wanting to follow and hear ME, such a birth could not take the usual way of earthly procreation but had to proceed differently.         

54           Thus I THE LORD had announced through My nearest servants, whom you call archangels by what you have known so far of them, that I THE ALMIGHTY would visibly appear for a limited time to the most sinful beings of My Heavens, namely those who once turned away from MY ETERNAL KINGDOM OF THE SPIRIT and are now the inhabitants of a tiny little star of My Creation, a star created by MY GRACE AND MERCY to serve for their redemption from their ancient sin of apostasy.              

55           Together with this announcement I THE LORD had a question put to all My higher angels as to whether anyone of them had a solution for how this novel and greatest work of mercy was to be achieved: a celestial test, as it were, for My highest servants so as to see how far they had advanced themselves in the SPIRIT OF MY ALMIGHTY WISDOM.                  

56           Yet I, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, WHO had never been permanently visible even to My angels of the nearest spheres, knew very well that by this query the celestial spirits were confronted with completely new ground in Heaven; indeed, they asked themselves how could GOD, WHO is not fully visible even to us, appear plainly visible and perceptible on a world whose inhabitants cannot muster even the slightest degree of celestial spirituality. For did not GOD THE LORD say even to His greatest prophet on Earth, Moses:

"You cannot see MY FACE; for man shall not

see ME and live!"       (Exodus 33/20)      

57           Perplexity struck all My angels, although they must have known that I THE LORD have a solution the very moment I promise or have announced something; but their dismay resulted rather from their deepest humility and burning love for ME of which you, O men, have not the faintest idea, since you do not know as yet what ardent love can be like!                

58           But in their burning love and most blissful humility they were seized by a hitherto unknown sadness at the terrible thought that their GOD'S imminent ACT OF GRACE for the rescue of the sinful human race on Earth could deprive them of THEIR GOD'S breath which filled them with permanent bliss. And a lamentation arose in hardly ever ending celestial songs of woe; the mournful angels joined into huge, countless choirs, imploring ME not to leave My Heavens and to choose another way to bring back again into the HEAVENLY. KINGDOM OF LIGHT AND LOVE the human race of the tiny star "Earth". Like never-ending, roaring hurricanes, the lamenting choirs resounded throughout all celestial spheres and spread up to ME; the heavens were turned into an immense lamentation for THEIR GOD AND CREATOR.              

59           I THE LORD cannot disclose to you how long such a lamenting had been going on in My Heavens, since you could not grasp it by your present earthly time concept.             

60           As there seemed to be no end to this despair of My angels, I THE LORD put one question, the question above all questions whispered throughout My Heavens, and which nobody could answer, unless he is LOVE like Myself from eternity to eternity. And this question, vibrating through all heavens, addressed to whatever spirit had proceeded from MY HOLY SPIRIT, was:             

61           What is true LOVE - perfect LOVE? — Is not true and perfect LOVE more mindful of everything else than of itself? Will it not readily sacrifice itself for all out of LOVE? This was heard as an echo to the key question of all questions put by MYSELF!                

My angels' lamenting choirs subsided and remained silent for a long, very long time —





63 Thus the spiritual hearts of My angels dwelling in the highest spheres of My Heavens became slowly filled with the HOLY SPIRIT OF MY LOVE which put them into a wonderful state of heavenly joy for which you humans have no words.             

64           In this wonderful state of heavenly bliss the celestial spheres suddenly brightened in their already glittering colours into likewise indescribable shades and hues of harmony of which only angels know.        

65           And during such a magnificent display of colours, against which the most beautiful rainbow on Earth makes but a poor performance, there flashed up the most gorgeous lights utterly unknown to man, and which even to the angels of My highest Heavens appeared as a most unusual marvel.     

66           In this wonderful display of all celestial colours appeared diffusedly a face of all-pervading beauty, grace and loveliness, and yet of noble earnestness, radiating supreme bliss and beauty, radiating whatever light and glory there is in My Heavens, a face which no angelic spirit, not even the highest angel in its glory, can call its own.            

67           For it was


out of the most secret recesses of




68           And without HER lovely features moving, without the HOLY MOUTH OF MY ETERNAL LOVE opening, without the slightest move perceptible in this HOLY OF HOLIES, there streamed a breeze of celestial sounds out of this HOLY FACE, which were both music and words: A heavenly music of perceptible words which was perceived not only by the spiritual ears of My celestial spirits, but which also thrilled the hearts of all angels with a blissful undulation, saying:


will be born on the star of all sins by ME, YOUR QUEEN, to take on THE MOST HOLY GARB OF YOUR GOD AND FATHER.    

69           It will first be a babe not different from others among men of sinful Earth, but GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT OF WISDOM will in His ALMIGHTINESS be born and grow within this babe in such a way that in the prime of his life the greatest redeeming sacrifice will be achieved, together with His return to Heaven. Yet the things which thereby shall be solved, will remain a mystery as long as it is the HOLY WILL OF GOD.  

70           So let the LOVE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD out of His UR-GRUNDPOL act in HIS MOST HOLY WISDOM and be THAT which IT forever is and will remain: THE UNFATHOMABLE WISDOM OUT OF LOVE for everything that has issued from HIS LOVE.


Thus and only thus will TRUE LOVE forever win, redeem and lead back home whatever once fell from PURE LOVE into the night of My Counterpole. Vanquish with ME, if you want to be like ME, LOVE ABOVE ALL LOVE!"


The Effusion of MY HOLY SPIRIT

73 And this most enchanting vista of colours of ETERNAL LOVE dissolved gradually into an all-pervasive stillness of perceptible, ETERNAL LOVE permeating all and every-thing with the blissful certainty of having been witness to the MOST HOLY QUEEN OF ETERNAL LOVE in a spell of highest felicity through the GRACE OF GOD THE LORD.            

74           This experience of My highest and nearest angels filled them with such a happiness that sounds of joy which truly brought hearts and spirits into a most elating state, were arising and swelling into roaring blissful choirs of ETERNAL LOVE, spreading an inkling of forthcoming redeeming love over all spheres of life and arousing in many a dark human heart a premonition of GOD'S RIGTHEOUSNESS.                

75           Such an effusion of the HOLY SPIRIT OF LOVE, invisible to human eyes, has always been and still is necessary to prepare the souls which are caught in the spheres of darkness belonging to the fallen Spirit for the intervention of GOD "from above". For without such an invisible spiritual effusion of MY LOVE not a single prophet of My Heavens could act on Earth and find at least some open ears and understanding among men.                 

76           In fact such an effusion of MY HOLY SPIRIT takes place constantly in an infinite variety of shades; for without such an incessant flow of MY HOLY SPIRIT into the entire infinite Creation nothing could live; there would be no living soul; there would be no DIVINE SPARK of Mine stirring within souls, because the great majority of souls of My earthly children feel very much at ease in the fields of My Counterpole Satana and nothing within them has such a contact with ME, THEIR GOD AND CREATOR, as to enable them without MY PERMANENT INFLUENCE to escape from eternal death.  

77           Only through MY HOLY SPIRIT - keep this well in mind, My earthly children - is there no eternal death, but only everlasting life!