Hoofstuk 8

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beings and will outlast all epochs of Earth, wherefore He is THE ROCK OF THE LORD, THE THIRD IN MY HOLY TRINITY.         

59           His faithful obedience in the human raiment of the fisherman Petrus made him rush to ME and recognize ME as THE MESSIAH, when still nobody had recognized ME as HIM WHO had come to redeem the human race. I, therefore, called him "Kephas, the Rock". It was his faithful obedience which made him walk on the water to join ME in the strong belief that everything is possible through ME, THE LORD - all of you, O men, ought to imitate him in order to accomplish what is just before MY HOLY FACE - and an identical faithful obedience is operative in his present human raiment which motivates him as the third active principle of MY HOLY TRINITY to prepare for ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUND-POL OF LOVE the way and the ground on which JESUS-MARIA-LOVE will found THE NEW JERUSALEM and the true millenium, i.e. the very KINGDOM OF LOVE in which the darkness of this Earth will be dissolved in redemption, whereby LIGHT will shine everywhere on Earth.

60           So awake from your drowsiness in faith, children of this Earth, and let all of you become true rocks of faithful obedience, say I THE LORD, so that no power can any longer increase darkness on Earth because of your faults and weaknesses, but that instead THE MIGHT OF ETERNAL LOVE may radiate on this Earth its HOLY LIGHT to illuminate all mankind!              

61           Look, O men, you spare no efforts in your obedience to your own comfort, for in this respect you are anxious to obey the needs of your worldly techniques and follow painstakingly to the letter the directions and operating instructions of whatever is offered to you by technology for your comfort, enjoyment and pleasure, without even suspecting that the rules of your worldly techniques are effective only because they also abide by MY HOLY SPIRIT AND PERFECT WILL.

62           So pull yourselves together, men of this Earth, for the sake of your own salvation, and become obedient to the SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LOVE which once created and still sustains all and everything to be led upwards to ME to the SUMMIT OF ALL SUMMITS, GOD OF ALL ETERNITY, CREATOR AND FATHER OF ALL THINGS IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH!

63           And so recognize that ETERNAL LOVE is not possible without LOVE ABOVE ALL LOVE, i.e. OBEDIENCE, and that the whole creation of Heaven and Earth has its prime cause in the ETERNAL PRECEPT:




which alone brings you into

My Heavens      










-Chapter 3-

Follow the LORD of all Souls, JESUS CHRIST, in absolute Obedience

1 MY GRACE is an additional gift of MY LOVE to all those earthly children who in absolute obedience follow ME THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, WHO has come back again onto Earth in this time in the human garb of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL.              

2              For Obedience is Love above all Love, as just stated. Yet what this precisely means shall and will be revealed only to those earthly children who are ready to follow ME THE LORD, without the slightest hesitation. For I THE LORD, am THE MASTER OF ALL SOULS and not only know all too well the beginning and the end of the chain of guilt of each soul, but also know alone the proper remedy for a soul to dispose of the accumulated guilt.    

3              So bow to MY HOLY WILL and accept whatever I THE LORD ordain for a soul willing to follow ME THE LORD; indeed, rejoice, say I THE LORD, at the opportunity to partake of this Grace already here on this Earth, instead of going through so many intermediary stages before reaching MY FATHERLY HEART: for absolute obedience and most glowing love are the key to MY FATHERLY HEART, which key alone will open for each soul the gate of My Heavens!             

4              There can and should never be any departure from My or-dainment or else you could not partake of MY GRACE which is bestowed on a child only inasmuch as I THE LORD see his utter earnestness and endeavour at fulfilling MY ALONE HOLY WILL.          

5              So keep that in mind, children of this Earth; for with ME THE LORD, only "yes" or "no" will do; there can be neither a yes-but, nor a "yes-maybe", but only an "either-or"; for could you imagine that I build a NEW JERUSALEM with hesitating or reluctant earthly children? Surely not!    

6              I THE LORD need Children of My Love who are willing to go for ME THE LORD, as it were, through the fire of MY HOLY SPIRIT, so as to stand then as true pillars of MY LOVE which even the strongest gale of My Counterpole will not be able to knock down. The corner-stones of MY NEW JERUSALEM are already standing. Now it rests with you whether you want to belong to those Children of My Love who want to take part in the building of this glorious borderless city, where mutual love is THAT LOVE which I THE LORD have sent you down to this Earth.     

7              Hence it is up to you, My earthly children, to become true children of YOUR GOD AND LORD or to remain children of My Prince of Darkness "Satana" , who is already holding all of you so tightly under her wings that only the most relentless work upon yourselves, together with MY GRACE, can free you therefrom!      

8              Let, therefore, each soul proceed day by day to a thorough self-examination with the aid of a diary which ought to be kept to help maturing and to see inhowfar each has overcome within him all that is a horror before MY HOLY FACE! Or can you possibly believe that sloth, tepidity, unkindness, curiosity, priggishness, or looking down upon another soul, are qualities of Mine, qualities of YOUR GOD AND LORD? Surely not!               

9              Let, therefore, each soul convert to whatever MY HOLY LOVE will order and decree; for LOVE is the grading-scale with which I THE LORD measure each soul to see whether it has matured enough to be raised a step higher towards MY FATHERLY HEART! For did I THE LORD not say already during My earthly life as JESUS CHRIST, that I would spit out of My mouth the lukewarm, and so it is still today and it will always remain so!                 

10           Overcome lukewarmness which is an attribute of My Counterpole and become workers of MY HOLY SPIRIT, so as to become My true champions in this dark world; for MY GRACE is great indeed, say I THE LORD, inconceivably great at this time on Earth through the return of



THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA!                  

11           For without MY GRACE, the free life of your human race would be extinct since long.      

12           Without MY GRACE your Earth would rank among the stars without souls in human garment.      

13           For MY LOVE which is a perpetual stream unto you, O men, will alone not suffice to raise you from the dullness of your blind thoughtless life into the LIGHT OF MY HOLY SPIRIT.     

14           Hence MY GRACE must complement the perpetual stream of LOVE FROM MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL to keep on the right path and uplift those souls among you who are awakening to the LIGHT OF LOVE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT to gradually recognize their true destiny; for the self-induced power of Counterpole forces is so strong in each human soul, even though it has woken up to the LIGHT, that it is not immune against any temptation from the reign of darkness, nor is it guaranteed against the risk of a relapse.                

15           Thus only by MY GRACE, as the most needful additional gift of MY LOVE, has it become possible to redeem all life from the clutches of darkness.  

16           Therefore without MY GRACE all living things would fall a prey to the might of the Prince of Darkness;     

17           Without MY GRACE there would be no redemption of souls from darkness;         

18           Without MY GRACE no star of redemption called "Earth" would exist;      

19           Without MY GRACE there would be no mankind rising to a higher level of maturity;          

20           Without MY GRACE the evolutionary process in My Creation would come to a standstill.                 

21           Try to understand, if you wish, men of this Earth! I THE LORD say most emphatically "wish to understand", for the will of a soul that really wants to understand MY GRACE at all is in itself the first weak impulse of life towards higher awareness. Wherever this weak impulse of will is missing, the deepest night still prevails in that soul. In order to put MY LIGHT into this deepest night, a further gift is still needed by MY LOVE, which will be spelt out in the next chapter.          


- Chapter 3 -

THE LORD'S Wealth of Grace

22 There were from time to time among you, O men, some over-clever "sages" who contrived to sell their opinion, by which it was quite possible to fancy this Earth without human beings! There you can see what a mind left to its own can produce; for I THE LORD say:        

23           Without human beings MY WHOLE CREATION is unthinkable to ME, GOD AND CREATOR, just as life without children is unthinkable to a truly female soul.      

24           What would I be, GOD THE CREATOR, LORD AND FATHER, without My children - without you, My earthly children?                  

25           For you men are MY OWN REFLECTION in a creature. It is true that you have surrounded yourselves for the time being, as it were with the night of an embryo, a fundamental truth which your illusive life cannot gloss over; nonetheless, you are, O men of this world, children of MY OWN SELF and I THE LORD AND CREATOR am thereby YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER WHO has created everything for your sake.         

26           It is for you that MY CREATION has become apparent as THE CREATION OF MY LOVE.       

27           If you, O men, wish to understand this - I THE LORD say again most emphatically "wish to understand" -, let the first ray of MY LOVE in you bear fruit as true life in MY HOLY SPIRIT!

28           You were once born in MY HEAVENS, THE KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, as a spirit out of MY HOLY SPIRIT! But since by your own free volition conferred by ME you have surrounded yourselves with night that does not proceed from MY PERFECT SPIRIT but is the result of your willful fall from MY HEAVENS into this self-chosen and self-created night, you will have to be reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT.     

29           You now know therefore what it means to be reborn. Even Nicodemus, a leader of My chosen people of yore, could hardly understand what it means to be reborn, although I explained it to him through MY CREATOR'S HOLY MOUTH! This may also show you the depth of the night that had taken hold of the souls of My then chosen people, and why in turn THE SALVATION WORK OF MY LOVE - about which the next chapter of the Book of Love will provide more information - proved necessary.            

30           This night still prevails now, nearly two thousand years later, with the majority of My earthly children, as I already predicted in those days, and thus MY HIGHEST GRACE at the present time on Earth has become an indispensable act of MY ETERNAL LOVE: THE RETURN OF YOUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, once again in a human garment. And - as already most clearly revealed - in the human garb of none other but the ONE in WHOM, as MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, this was alone possible.

31           Yet MY GRACE shall never be exhausted for My earthly children, if the holy goal of creation is to be reached. However unbelievable it seems to all My angels that up to the publication of this My New Bible MY RETURN onto Earth in the human garb of their QUEEN OF HEAVENS has hardly found the resounding exultation they expected, this course of events was not only anticipated by ME THE LORD, but perfectly allowed for in MY MERCIFUL PLAN of rescue for this blind human race.

32           For I THE LORD well knew that My lot in the human garb of MY EARTHLY MOTHER MARIA will not be much different from that of the Son of Man JESUS CHRIST, and that precisely those earthly children whose lips never cease to call "LORD, LORD!" and "O GOD, how much I love YOU!" always pretend to know better than I THE LORD MYSELF, how I put MY HOLY WILL into decisive action.              

33           It was they who in those days already knew better, thinking that THE MESSIAH had to appear among them with great pomp as the Saviour and could not possibly be born in the poorest shabbiness of a stable. And today again they know better by claiming that I THE LORD am bound to come onto Earth with thunder and lightning in a way they imagine. The fact that the predicted "lightning" could be My sudden presence on Earth in MY HOLY OF HOLIES, and the "thunder" THE MIGHT OF MY HOLY VOICE, lies beyond the understanding of the over-wise zealots who are just as blindfold as the Pharisees, who showed hostility towards ME in JESUS CHRIST, defaming ME and letting ME be nailed onto the Cross of Golgotha.             

34           The present situation is, therefore, exactly the same as in those days, yet it will not evolve likewise.        

35           For at the end of MY EARTHLY PEREGRINATION IN THE HUMAN GARB OF MY EARTHLY MOTHER MARIA, the head of the serpent will be crushed and THE NEW JERUSALEM will be established on Earth in the glory of My Heavens.


The Grace of My Return

36 This RETURN OF YOUR GOD AND LORD was to happen not alone, but with a whole host from My highest heavens. This is the descent of MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH onto this dark Earth as THE LIGHT CIRCLE OF CHRIST, THE LIGHT CIRCLE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. I THE LORD can implement this plan upon this Earth through none other than through THE ONE WHO is MY ROCK from ETERNITY TO ETERNITY and WHO received from ME the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: PETRUS, WHO during My life on Earth as JESUS CHRIST always walked by My side together with the ETERNAL LOVE.             

37           This first book of the NEW BIBLE is not yet meant to reveal such great a mystery. Therefore, be satisfied for the time being with this statement, for indeed, say I THE LORD, what has already been revealed to you is too great to be fully grasped; but it had to be said so that the redeeming process for all mankind and the even greater act of creation that will follow may get under way.           

38           Whoever is beginning to grasp the gist of it all, ought also to realize that those who are ready to walk at My Holy Arm in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE must be thoroughly tested for their obedience towards ME THE LORD, this alone guaranteeing that MY HOLY WILL shall be fulfilled and that this ACT OF MERCY AND RESCUE can be fully achieved for all mankind, in order that LIGHT be again on Earth and that this star's new creational epoch can start with THE NEW JERUSALEM.             

39           Therefore, MY RETURN onto Earth could not proceed all of a sudden by a flashlike public appearance of Myself in MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA. A far reaching redemptive act had to precede in the human garb of MY MOTHER OF YORE, WHO apparently resembles any ordinary mother; an act about which most of you, earthly children have not the slightest idea, together with a teaching and probationary work for those willing human souls which - while coming from the most various heavens and intermediary stages of the invisible realm of souls between Heaven and Earth - have been designated for the CORE OF MY LIGHT CIRCLE on Earth and the NEW JERUSALEM.     

40           And this process which is not yet completed, is both a REDEMPTIVE ACT and a SALVATION DRAMA for ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE; hence MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA in this time of redemption on Earth is the REDEMPTIVE MOTHER for all earthly children.     

41           An extraordinary GRACE has thus been bestowed on all those truly chosen souls who, without exception, went through various maturing stages and earthly lives until the present one and which even now, in their human garment, are loaded with guilt and redemptive burdens, since they receive direct training and guidance through MY HOLY ARM in MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA in order to prove true disciples and champions of love for the NEW JERUSALEM in the decisive moment of My worldwide public appearance among this blind mankind in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, insofar as they can grasp this GRACE in all its greatness.                  

42           And MY GRACE covers an extensive range of GIFTS OF GRACE for all mankind.    

43           This NEW BIBLE purports also to gather those from all over the world who, in this time of Grace on Earth, have come down from My Heavens, i.e. from MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, and from various other stages of spiritual maturity into a human garment to form THE LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH for the salvation of the human race.                  

44           Neither a spirit of My Heavens, nor a soul coming from the intermediate spheres embodied in a human garment made out of the coarse material from the fallen spirit, knows anything about its previous life, and only MY MERCIFUL REVELATION through MY MOTHER OF YORE can disclose to the chosen child wherefrom it has come and what faults, shortcomings and weaknesses in the present earthly garment are to be discarded, overcome or subdued in view of future tasks, in order to fulfill MY HOLY WILL for the rescue of the human race.                 

45           On the other hand, mankind by and large ignores how its salvation from blindness and darkness is being prepared by MY GRACE, according to MY HOLY WORD of yore saying that the ways of men are not My ways.           

46           Terrible indeed, heart-breakingly terrible will then be the awakening, when the human race at large will realize how wrong have been the ways it has followed and what sins were being incessantly committed by turning a deaf ear to MY HOLY WORDS OF LOVE AND EXHORTATION; for the Earth has been spared until now the endurance of such hardships as the children of men of the present time are apt to bring about in their blindness and folly by the sway of their free volition.

47           Still, MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH will, like once the ark of Noah, be ready to accept with deepest mercy those who will recognize their error and show good will after having turned a deaf ear to MY HOLY VOICE and to lead them over to the NEW JERUSALEM.         

48           I THE LORD am raising once again MY HOLY MERCIFUL VOICE saying:         

49           Leave altogether your wrong ways, My children of this Earth, wherever and whoever you are! All your ways will lead to the most frightening abyss of hell, say I THE LORD! If you do not want to recognize this, not even on the strength of this NEW BIBLE, you will have to learn it the hard way; and I THE LORD say unto you: this hard way will imply for your body and soul the direst consequences with "weeping and gnashing of teeth" which will be your own making, not Mine!         

50           MY MERCIFUL SAVING ARM is stretched out for you with this NEW BIBLE by MY GRACE and by My outpouring LOVE through MY RETURN onto Earth wanting not only to rescue everybody open to these holy words, but to lead him higher and higher up to absolute bliss in MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION.              

51           I THE LORD have already said that MY GRACE covers a broad range of GIFTS OF GRACE for all My earthly children and particularly for those who are ready to shake off their human frailty with all its faults, shortcomings and weaknesses, and to follow MY HOLY WILL on My ways of PERFECTION.              

52           To this effect, this entire multivolume NEW BIBLE, will abound in references to MY ENDLESS GIFTS OF GRACE and everyone can derive and accept therefrom whatever serves his true well-being, salvation and genuine ascent.                  

53           One thing, however, shall be clear from the outset, namely that every earthly child longing to become perfect and a true IMAGE OF MYSELF will be led by the HOLY ARM of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE in such a way, that after he has proved his earnestness I shall smooth his ways, whereby in most cases the burden of guilt brought upon this Earth will gradually diminish and in the end be completely dissolved through MY GRACE, inasmuch as the willing earthly child neither wavers nor falters in the fulfilment of MY HOLY WILL, thus being obedient in every respect to whatever I, THE MASTER OF ALL SOULS, order him to do as the only right thing. Thus will THE WAYS OF MY PERFECTION progressively become the ways of My obedient children; their life will begin to flourish through LOVE which streams into those hearts that are open to ME, and their soul can rejoice at My abundant GIFTS OF GRACE.              

54           For a human being advanced in years, this means both deliverance from whatever cannot stand before MY HOLY FACE and THE GRACE of being able, after this earthly life, to enter through THE GATE OF MY HEAVENS into THE KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, and in special cases the extraordinary GRACE of being spared any further incarnation on Earth.            

55           For the youth of the present human race, obedience towards ME THE LORD AND CREATOR, will entail the most wonderful guidance towards a right, hitchless life and the granting of GIFTS OF GRACE for specific tasks as docile agents to work as instruments of MY HOLY WILL in the building of MY NEW JERUSALEM on Earth.                  

56           As any willing human soul may easily grasp, MY WEALTH OF GRACE can only be obtained, however, if a set of tests is successfully passed according to MY HOLY WILL. Yet MY TESTS which a soul incarnate has to pass are not unfair, as is often the case among you men on Earth, but purport nothing else for the earthly child but to mature by the shortest way to become a true IMAGE OF MYSELF, which is the HOLY GOAL OF MY CREATION.