Hoofstuk 6

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144         This makes it clear once and for all that not those are simple-minded who worship in ME a personal GOD, but rather those are blind fools who turn the ETERNAL CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH into something irreal which "invention" of blindest foolishness they, moreover, cloak with a coat of highest learnedness.  

145         It is MY HOLY WILL, however, that all your sciences will acknowledge ME openly and convincingly, in order to work effectively towards the ascent of the human race and not towards its ruin. To that end, I shall lay down the spiritual route to be followed in the forthcoming volume of this NEW BIBLE, entitled "THE BOOK OF WISDOM".                

146         After this clarification, let us return to MY ETERNALLY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION which, through its ABSOLUTE ETERNAL PERFECTION, is also INFINITY WITHIN ETERNITY, because absolute perfection - try to grasp this in the depth of your heart - must be eternal and unendingly perpetual in its perfection, thus knowing no death.               

147         Owing to the fact that in your soul in which I - as aforesaid - have laid a spark of all of the attributes of MINE, the perfect sphere of action must first be restored, from which you had cut yourselves off through your renegation of MY HOLY SPIRIT, you have burdened yourself with death which does not proceed from MY KINGDOM but from your fallen world.

148         Death is indeed the result of abandoned perfection! If you, O men, do restore perfection in and around yourselves, death as a limitation of your earthly life will be vanquished and will let go of you!       

149         This I THE LORD IN JESUS CHRIST have vividly exemplified through MY SACRIFICE ON GOLGOTHA! For through My birth on Earth MY FOREVER PERFECT BODY OF CREATION out of pure spirit had joined a body subject to the laws of material limitation; the latter, however, was overpowered by the ETERNAL BODY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, whereby I THE LORD rose from the earthly-material limitation "death" through MY PURELY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, thus proving to all men on Earth, and also to all spirits of the whole Creation, that eternal LIFE IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD can achieve everything, including dissolving matter with all its defects, shortcomings, and sins, such as death and termination!       

150         And since I GOD THE LORD have achieved this in your world, on Earth, for all times and eternity, your Earth has thereby become the EARTH OF SALVATION; and truly, this could be achieved on Earth alone, because the original fallen spirit from My Heavens has become the core of your Earth with all potentialities of sin.                  

151         That is the reason why, according to MY HOLY WILL, this Earth of salvation is also the Earth of trial for all who come from MY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, from My highest angels down to you - fallen men, in order that My whole Creation be raised to a higher degree of perfection when the whole testing process will be finished for all My creatures on this Earth.



The Grace of THE NEW BIBLE / The Turning Point of Grace for all Life on Earth

152 Do you get at last some idea now, O men, if you have not grasped it fully yet, of the reason why you are living upon this Earth? Do you still want to go on living like blind fools, only pampering your earthly body limited by death? Or would you not rather open your eyes to become able to enter ETERNAL LIFE? This NEW BIBLE of Mine will help you thereto.              

153         Grasp the grace of this NEW BIBLE through which you can be raised - if such is your will - from the unsafely and confusion of your self-styled existence, which at every step cannot but produce traps of your own making - a result which is right and which I do tolerate, since you always turn your eyes upon things are just the contrary of MY COMMANDMENTS that tend towards the only true and perfect life. Now this NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY is put into your hands, and he who takes it up will find himself at a turning point of Grace in his life. For everything needed for a true life is given in this NEW BIBLE, which will enable you to draw a final stroke under whatever brought you into your present life situation, which - as you can see by yourself - spells only ruin.              

154         This NEW BIBLE means a turning point of Grace not only for those who have professed hitherto the Christian faith and speak the language in which this first edition of MY NEW BIBLE is printed, but also for all My earthly children; for the NEW BIBLE must and will be printed in all the main languages of mankind and all My earthly children shall find their way to ME, THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD; and all the many split-religions must dissolve and merge into the true religion of MY ETERNAL JESUS-MARIA-LOVE. This is MY HOLY WILL which must and will be fulfilled according to MY HOLY WORD that there will be ONE SHEPHERD AND ONE FOLD.                  

155         This means - as already basically revealed to you - that the state of MY PERFECTION IN MY HOLY SPIRIT OF THE ETERNAL TRINITY must be achieved in every respect upon this Earth of salvation.              

156         Hence begin yourselves at your level with all earnestness: Remove with MY HELP AND GRACE your state of severance from ME, THE FOREVER PERFECT ONE! Create for yourself in every respect the perfect sphere of action! And, I say, without any restriction!        

157         For indeed nothing can reach perfection when each individual believes he can achieve something by his own volition. Man's free will is bound to go instantly astray in the jungle of My Counterpole whenever a human being stops looking up to ME and MY PERFECTION and no longer asks: "O LORD, what is YOUR ALONE HOLY WILL?"  

158         All your world situations that cry to Heaven do so because they have originated from the deep, blindfold incomprehension of your Counterpole actions, and these world situations badly need help from the ETERNAL HEAVEN OF MY PERFECTION.               

159         Yet in order that you might instantly begin to take the right and perfect way after having reached this turning point of Grace thanks to MY NEW BIBLE, I THE LORD give you all necessary guidelines to help you keep on the straight way to ME.                




GOD THE LORD'S Grace and Mercy before the coming Judgment

160 Prior to the publication of this MY NEW BIBLE, those among My earthly children, who had recognized ME in MY MOTHER MARIA OF YORE and followed ME here below in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, received all necessary guidelines through MY HOLY VOICE, "THE VOICE OF THE LORD", and in some instances also directly from ME in MY MOTHER OF YORE, since everyone could turn to HER for all personal problems. This was a time of Grace of a quite unusual kind for all those who had acknowledged ME both in MY HOLY WORD and in MY MOTHER MARIA - a period of GRACE which will not repeat. Whoever had failed to translate into hearty action the holy guidelines received during this time of Grace cannot but blame himself for having wasted this unique opportunity. This was the time of Grace of MY FIRST MERCY after I had revealed and proclaimed through MY HOLY VOICE that I THE LORD, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, THE MESSIAH AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST THE CRUCIFIED, had returned onto this Earth in the human garb of YOUR REDEEMING MOTHER, MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA. And those who on their part had managed to translate into living action My holy guidelines given through MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA have been chosen for the core of MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE in the forthcoming time of darkness on this Earth.  

161         Following the time of Grace of My first mercy, there is now come with this NEW BIBLE the time of GRACE OF MY SECOND MERCY. This means that in this NEW BIBLE everything will henceforth be available in terms of guidelines for all times on Earth, whatever human beings need for their salvation and their true ascent at My helping HOLY HAND. It is now up to all - so to speak - to catch up in this second stage through these GIFTS OF GRACE with whatever they have missed out on until now; for, in the THIRD PHASE OF MERCY of MY GRACE, additional time to recover the forgone opportunities is not planned, for this will be the time of JUDGMENT. Then everybody can expect only so much of MY GRACE as he has assets to show that are likely to advance him on the ladder leading to My Heavens: namely fruits of true LOVE.     

162         So waste no time and translate in all earnestness into acts of love MY HOLY GUIDELINES as expounded in this NEW BIBLE, so as to qualify for MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE already at the term of My second stage of mercy, and as true Children of My Love to attain the NEW JERUSALEM on Earth during the third period of mercy. It may even happen that many a newcomer to this NEW BIBLE who enters into the spirit thereof with the most burning love and highest earnestness will also be accepted to the CORE OF MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF CHRIST; only those are concerned, however, who are ready to follow ME, THE LORD in MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA, in absolute obedience.                 

163         Now everything is ready for you, My earthly children, in MY GRACE AND MERCY.

Grasp this!