Hoofstuk 12

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The first Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage

112 THE FIRST COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL lays down for each and every soul, whether male or female:    

113         Purify your thoughts with MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE all prevailing or rising filth of hellish self-love, which knows nothing but itself, seeks only self-satisfaction, and is not particular about the means to subject the partner's body and soul, not even refraining from indecent assault if necessary.

114         Raise your purified thoughts towards ME, GOD THE LORD the forever PERFECT, and crave for only one thing: to become perfect like MYSELF, whereupon I will fill you with the HOLY BALM OF MY HEAVENLY PERFECTION and so steady your thoughts that they want but to enjoy fulfillment in the bliss of this eternal perfection; this will make your soul pure and radiant, so that MY HOLY SPIRIT may feel at ease in it and pervade it entirely and fill it to bring about its rebirth in MY HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION.             

115         You may be sure, O male or female soul: your thoughts are incipient forms of the state of your soul; hence beware of projecting impure, or worse, hellish thought schemes into the world. For look: everything that surrounds you, and all renascent evil of this world, which will beset you, endeavours to gain power over you, this all is but expressed forms of hellish soul states, since everything returns to its originator like a boomerang.     

116         Therefore, take to true LOVE, pure LOVE, holy LOVE, which is MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE, in order that the thought schemes of this most holy LOVE may pervade everything around you and return to you with MY BLESSING, thus gradually dissolving every expressed forms of hell. For Heaven and hell are self-created states of the mind and the soul.                  

117         Did I not say already in this NEW BIBLE, that LOVE has been MY UR-STATE since eternity? So become likewise and create in your soul and its sphere of activity a state of perfection of MY LOVE, and you will have created thereby the first prerequisite for a true marriage to be sanctified by ME.

118         Everyone can fulfil this first commandment for a true marriage if he/she is seriously prepared to lead a true married life and to partake of MY GRACE so as to return to the true eternal kingdom of life, i.e. My Heavens.     


The second Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage

119 THE SECOND COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL follows from the first commandment and lays down for every soul:     

120         Let MY HOLY SPIRIT in you develop to full effectivity through your purified thoughts, which ought to look at nothing else any longer but to ME, YOUR GOD, CREATOR, LORD AND HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS, WHO wants to dwell in you with all the splendour of HIS SELF!            

121         Pray with your purified thoughts, as it were, constantly for this GRACE of Mine, whereupon THE MIGHT OF MY LOVE from MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE will descend upon you in all things!    

122         If you are still unmarried while doing this through MY HOLY SPIRIT, another soul pertaining to you will, according to My Order and MY HOLY WILL get tuned to the requirements of pure true LOVE in order to meet you by My arrangement, provided that you are obedient in all commandments expounded here to you, and that you have undergone and succeeded in all the trials for a true perfect marriage sanctified by ME, and which rules out any relapse into the sphere of sinfulness of My Counterpole.    

123         Hence, beloved soul, you need not search for a companion soul for a true sanctified marriage; for now you see only what looks agreeable to your present state of soul with its still subsisting aspects which cannot hold before ME; yet I, THE LORD AND MASTER OF ALL SOULS, see a soul in a way you cannot see it, and I know what a soul is capable of achieving, and whether it can bring you real fulfillment, complementation and true happiness!                 

124         Hence trust ME, YOUR GOD, CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER, WHO will guide you if such is your will; throw upon ME all your burden and reach out your hand to ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE; then you will attain the HOLY GATE OF MY HEAVENS!              

125         Focus all the time on only one thing: how to become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT; overcome through MY FORCE in you whatever does not belong into this temple* and then the time will come when I THE LORD will take up residence in you and will lead unto you the soul you have so long been longing for and with whom you will become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!       

126         Let nothing distract you from this aim, for whatever reason, even if this My promise seems not to obtain; remember that the longer I try My children, the greater will be MY GRACE!

127         Just as I THE LORD arrange most wonderfully at the right time for a companion soul for every earthly child that is willing to let ME operate for him, so am I also prepared to lead each of you who has already contracted marriage on his own, provided that he prays to ME with a humble and sincere heart. For true happiness is still waiting for you by the merciful LOVE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD IN HIS MOTHER OF YORE. Therefore call HER, WHO is your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION, in your daily prayers and I THE LORD will be with you in HER, if your prayer rises from the bottom of your heart and is ringing with the glowing desire to become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT.

128         A wonder may then take place in that the BALM OF LOVE OF YOUR MOTHER OF REDEMPTION, MARIA, joins the hearts which have grown asunder, and spreads holy peace where hell had hitherto raged, while REDEEMING LOVE is dissolving what had become tough and hard; for HOLY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE in its heavenly ardour can indeed transmute even the hardest heart into a true heart full of LIGHT AND LOVE from ME.            

129         One thing, however, is mandatory therefore: Turn unswervingly your eyes towards ME, GOD THE LORD, and look no longer at the alluring world of My Counterpole who is not meant any longer to hold you in her claws; for she brings you only woe and grief and clings to you with such an oppressing burden that you would never reach My Heavens for that!

130         MY GRACE dwells with you, if and when you want to transform your marriage into a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT; but you have first to start willing with all your might!      


The third Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage

131 THE THIRD COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL follows from both the first and the second: for a true pure LOVE of perfection with its desire to become A TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT requires the fervent Holy volition to achieve this by all means and no longer to hesitate or to wish something different from the HOLY AIM, which is to accomplish a PERFECT MARRIAGE as quickly as possible so that not a single day be wasted on Earth and dissipated to the profit of My Counterpole.          

132         So pluck up your heart, My earthly children, who are so deeply caught up in the fetters of My Counterpole, yea almost hopelessly in so many cases; pluck up yourselves through MY HOLY VOICE by moving It incessantly within your heart! Thereby you will be strenghtened in the Holy Volition to fulfil the first two commandments for a true sanctified marriage.

133         Let MY HOLY WILL become glowing in you as your own volition, bent on nothing else but reaching perfection, and becoming most ardent, mutual LOVE and a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!                

134         This MY WILL in yourself must find expression in that you will no longer act against this end. And this means no longer to relapse into any weakness. But you have no idea what weakness is in the face of YOUR GOD AND MAKER, and how to spot it!  

135         The easiest identification of whatever weakness may crop up in a soul is by asking yourselves: MY GOD AND LORD IN JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, WHO also shed HIS HOLY BLOOD for me, would HE have acted in my place as I often have done in my blindness, and would He now act the way I am prepared to? The answer within your heart will surely be unmistakably clear!      

136         And if you further ask: would MY MOTHER OF REDEMPTION, THE MOTHER OF THE LORD, act in my place as I so often have done? Would SHE, GOD'S HOLY UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE act, be it only with a faintest thought, the way I - a sinful earthly child - am still inclined to? Can the answer within your heart ever diverge at all from what is right and appropriate before MY HOLY FACE?         

137         With this hint you have, Children of My Love, the easiest recipe for how to protect yourself against relapsing into any weakness and how to hold good in the Holy Will never to sin again, either in word or in deed. For if you ask yourself these questions in any awkward situation or temptation, I THE LORD will act immediately through MY HOLY SPIRIT within your heart, by prompting to you what is right before MY HOLY FACE and, for your weal and happiness, will enable you to overcome every difficulty you may encounter, thereby raising you step by step towards MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION.                  

138         Thus will come upon you, male souls - if you sincerely wish to create a New Earth with a New Mankind -, MY HOLY WILL that will prevent your procreative force out of ME for new potential life from ever squandering in the gutters of premarital or extra-marital sinfulness; for this procreative force is holy and has never been given to a soul to serve fleeting rapture and lewd sinfulness!       

139         You too, female souls, if you ask as indicated above and wish with a pure heart to have MY WONDERFUL GUIDANCE, you will likewise be filled with the HOLY WILL out of ME to become a HOLY VESSEL for MY ETERNAL PROCREATIVE LOVE.

140         I THE LORD introduced these commandments for a sanctified marriage on the basic principle by which true marriage does not have to wait for its formal conclusion to begin. In fact, it has already begun with a soul's holy determination after becoming aware of its divine inheritance to strive after perfection with its dual complement yet to be assorted by ME, THE ETERNAL MASTER OF ALL SOULS.    

141         This means quite clearly that a soul striving after such a perfection has already been married spiritually with the partner soul chosen by ME before even seeing him or her! This purely spiritual wedlock bears out complete confidence and unshakable faith in ME, THEIR MAKER AND HEAVENLY FATHER, by which perfect bliss can come directly only from MY HANDS; such an attitude will bless from the outset such a spiritually contracted marriage if, in addition, all commandments for a sanctified union are being observed and fulfilled.    

142         From its inception, such a spiritually contracted marriage will be absolutely faithful. A soul mature enough for a spiritual union will see its partner soul with its spiritual eyes and will live already with him or her staunchly, visualizing and desiring in the heart only perfection and fusion with the partner soul granted by ME, so as to form together a TEMPLE' OF MY HOLY SPIRIT! This will be accomplished in every soul mature for a spiritual union, whether male or female.    

143         Since during such a maturation of a soul its thoughts have been purified on the strength of the first commandment for a true, sanctified marriage, even the idea of unfaithfulness becomes inconceivable; conjugal fidelity is from the outset of the spiritually contracted union the mosts obvious foundation of a true marriage sanctified by ME and can no more be profanated thereafter during the legal wedlock by any sort of unfaithfulness.     

144         Indeed the so-called "liaisons", so widely tolerated in your world, are - say I THE LORD - fiendish traps set by My Counterpole for those wanton souls, to whom nothing is holy, neither their spouse, nor MY HOLY WORD!            

145         The ability to live in purity and holiness the spiritually contracted union even before I THE LORD bring together the elected souls, is granted by ME through MY HOLY SPIRIT to whomever strives therefor and beseeches ME to bestow on him or her such a heavenly union. Both male and female souls can easily stay faithful to each other at that stage by virtue of their spiritual linkage in the teeth of this world's strong temptations; for their regard fixed upon ME, GOD, CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER WHO returned onto this world in HIS HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL MARIA, all forces of Pure thoughts bring about truly blessed fruits


Salvation are being mobilized to vanquish whatever serves hell and its gutters of sin.

146 MY GRACE-gifted marriage, aiming at the soul's rebirth in MY HOLY SPIRIT, cannot be sanctified early enough so that all a soul's forces can adequately grow and develop within true, sanctified marriage, dissolving thereby its own particles once fallen from My Heavens and now bound to the world of My Counterpole; remember that I THE LORD already pointed out that the soul's realm ranks intermediate between the fallen Spirit once issued from ME and MY HOLY SPIRIT OF PERFECTION.      

147         Thus a soul even though caught in its body will no longer be drawn into the depth of My Counterpole, keeping MY HOLY SPIRIT in MY HOLY SPARK within itself, locked up in a sort of prison made up of its fallen and bound-up aspects, but on the contrary, it will not only liberate the spirit within itself, but also surrender itself in order to start together the flight upward to ME, to MY FATHERLY HEART.                 

148         Now you can see, Children of My Love, what a sanctification is possible in marriage and what its actual aims are. You will also gradually realize how through the right apprehension of marriage as a priceless GIFT OF GRACE OF YOUR GOD mankind and the whole Earth may be changed, and why this NEW BIBLE verily is your holy ANCHOR OF SALVATION to save you from the blind world you are living in.             

149         For if marriage is lived in the fullest submission to ME through purified thinking and a volition focussed on perfection, its fruit will be truly blessed in every respect, spiritually, psychically and earthly.          

150         Still more than thoughts, action in marriage will have major effects upon procreating life.              

151         On the other hand, a married life in the lust of the flesh and without the thoughts of pure Love focussed on ME will bear but fruits of desire, who in their material life will frantically multiply in their dissoluteness just like pathogenic bacteria.                  

152         Hence you need not wonder in the least at today's mankind whose wickedness is becoming daily more apparent everywhere, contriving the Judgment by its own making. And every married couple indulging in the temptations and pleasures of this Counterpole world will accelerate the corrosion of goodness and truth, of holiness and divinity, serving as a complacent instrument in the hands' of My Counterpole.          

153         Therefore this NEW BIBLE, as the HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION from the bog and murk of this world, has to become THE HOLY BIBLE for all humans, and particularly THE HOLY BIBLE OF EVERY MARRIAGE, if it is still time to avert the worst from this mankind.              

154         Provided that the volition of both male and female souls is focussed on ME, the forever PERFECT CREATOR, as pointed out in the first three commandments, the worst of the inevitable Judgment may still be avoided and all the life channelled into the perfect direction, i.e. towards ME, THE CREATOR.     

155         Hence I THE LORD AND CREATOR of your spirit and soul, appeal to you: start focussing your volition on ME and sanctify it by fulfilling MY COMMANDMENTS, and MY BLESSING will be on you in all things!           

156         As to you, young male and female souls, leave the tempting life of the flesh in the sludgy gutters of My Counterpole and recall in all circumstances what I THE LORD have taught you here in MY NEW BIBLE!       

157         And also you, children of men, who have entered wedlock thoughtlessly without ever asking about the eternal and holy sense of marriage, give up whatever is but the joy of the flesh bringing no joy of true, eternal, and holy LOVE!

158         THE HOLINESS OF LIFE with its true bliss in heart and soul is still in front of you all, and it is never too late to change the course of one's marriage from the direction of hell to that of My Heavens already here below. For I THE LORD will grant countless GIFTS OF GRACE to whomever begins to reach out his hand for ME, and there will flow galore to whomever fulfills MY ALONE HOLY AND PERFECT WILL.          

159         So by fulfilling MY HOLY WILL make it your own and you will soon notice that you are ostensibly reaching the fields of true bliss and genuine happiness.        

160         Some direct hints may be added by ME to whomever needs them complementarity to the first three commandments for a true sanctified marriage, but for the time being, let us turn to the next necessary commandment which is:              


The fourth Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage

161 THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT of GOD-oriented Order for a true sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL.     

162         Without the law of MY DIVINE ORDER operative and conservative wherever you look, nothing can subsist in the long run or develop further and higher; similarly, LOVE cannot be lived without WISDOM, without the HOLY WILL or without the HOLY ORDER.              

163         The signal principle of MY HOLY ORDER regarding true, sanctified marriage transpires from the very beginning of the human race, when I THE LORD made

one human couple

one married couple

out of one flesh, one soul and one spirit, who in obedience and with reference to ME was not only by its incarnation to merge once more into one soul and one spirit through true marriage but also to become, through their obedience to ME, a simile of MY HOLY TRINITY by including ME, THE CREATOR, into the holy uniting community of marriage, partaking thereby in the plentifulness of MY INEXHAUSTIBLE GIFTS OF GRACE.        

164         The Paradise on Earth was meant to ensue by translating on the terrestrial plane the holy creative principle of MY TRINITY, so as to achieve redemption in the simplest way of the Fall of yore from My Heavens; for through obedience, which is the quintessence of LOVE and which fulfils MY ALONE HOLY AND PERFECT WILL, the Edenic union of the first human couple would have marked the beginning of holy, redemptive marital unions for the following generations of the human race. The marriages of the children of men would have been redemptive marriages in a perennial paradise on Earth - the Heaven on Earth - by having their GOD, CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER always present, the streaks of willfulness which caused the Fall of the Spirits from Heaven, would have gradually dissolved in the most loving, efficient, and holy way. Paradise would have become a heavenly and self-propagating permanence on Earth, to the effect that this "Star of Redemption" would have very soon fulfilled its purpose, i.e. succeeding in bringing back all the fallen world into My Heavens.              

165         Well, as you know, disobedience of the first human married couple entailed its expulsion from Paradise as a consequence of its own fault' which was tantamount to the unwillingness of GOD, THE FOREVER PERFECT, to begin a period of redemption or create a new mankind with disobedient human beings, so that the consequences of disobedience will always have to be assumed, however bitter they are. This is GOD'S RIGHTEOUSNESS as manifested in the impartial LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT, the law of which is to prevent My Creation from getting bogged down in imperfection.  

166         None ought ever to complain about his unjust suffering for the disobedience causing the Fall of the first human couple; for your GOD AND CREATOR is holy, forever holy through HIS ETERNAL PERFECTION, whereas injustice is a property that can never be found within Perfection, not even as a trace!                  

167         Yet in the first humans endowed with free volition all streaks of selfwill and willfulness, the same which formerly had led to the first apostasy and had caused the Fall out of My Heavens, were a coacervation of all respective streaks of all fallen spirits, i.e. the fallen children of MY FATHERLY HEART, to which you also belong, reader of these lines!        

168         Accordingly, by MY HOLY WILL, the first man on Earth endowed with free volition was to be confronted with a first obedience test to sound his ability to live in a Paradise lowered onto this Earth as an obedient child in the life community of his companion made out of his own body, soul and spirit, the woman, and to prove that the GRACE OF A LIFE under the steady auspices of ME was recognized and MY HOLY WILL fulfilled so as to partake of MY ETERNAL LOVE.               

169         You humans of this age are now on the strength of MY NEW BIBLE experiencing a MOMENT OF GRACE similar to that of yore, when Adam and Eve the first married couple on Earth were in Paradise; now you have to show whether you take seriously your contribution to achieve by MY HOLY WILL a new mankind on Earth, or whether you are prepared to lose once more MY GRACE, as at the first time, with the dismal prospect of getting under the wheels of Judgment.  

170         Yet things are easier for you than for the first human couple; for I THE LORD, through MY EARTHLY LIFE in JESUS CHRIST and MY DEATH ON THE CROSS OF GOLGOTHA, have wiped out your Ur-sin leading to the Fall from My Heavens, taking off thereby from you the heaviest burden of guilt, so that you need do only one thing, namely dissolve your subsequent sins by fulfilling MY HOLY WILL in a true, sanctified marriage, and create with MY GRACE AND MERCIFUL HELP that paradise on Earth, from which the first married couple had to be expelled because of its disobedience.         

171         MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH and this NEW BIBLE OF MY GRACE are this help to enable you to reach as easily and as fast as possible this goal of Paradise on Earth.